New Issue and CFP: Participations

Participations, The Journal for Audience and Reception Studies has published its latest issue online at

Current contents include articles on the understanding of Frozen as an eating disorder film, an audience investigation into Breaking Bad viewers, an article discussing how to bridge the gap between commercial and academic research, and several other interesting studies considering the different facets of audience reception. Additionally, this issue includes a themed section on transcultural fandom, edited by Bertha Chin and Lori Hitchcock Morimoto, which contains articles on Morrissey’s Latino/a fans, online fanwork sales, as well as music fanzine collecting, and articles by Simone Driessen, Wikanda, Promkhuntong, and Sophie Charlotte van de Goor.

The journal is open to all users, so please check out this latest endeavor.

Participations is also always on the lookout for new contributions in the field of mass/popular culture. Please see for details on submitting an essay

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