NEPCA Officers

Current Officers of NEPCA

Terms expire on November 1 of the year indicated.

President 2020-2021

  • Priscilla Hobbs-Penn

Past Presidents  

  • Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University (2019-2020)
  • Rob Weir, UMass-Amherst (2018-2019)
  • Marty Norden, University of Massachusetts Amherst (2017-2018)

Executive Secretary/Editor 

  • Lance Eaton (College Unbound)- ex-officio (2018- )

Social Media Strategist

  • Chris McGunnigle (Seton Hall University)

Program Chairs 2022 Conference

  • N/A

Executive Council

  • Joseph Baumstarck (2023)
  • Adam Crowley, Husson University (2022)
  • Jim Deys, Nichols College (2022)
  • Carol-Ann Farkas (2022)
  • Peter Holloran, Worcester State University,  (2021)
  • Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University (2020)
  • Russ Pottle, Worcester State University (2021)
  • Nova Seals, Salve Regina University (2021)

Follow this link for a list of past NEPCA presidents.

Book Review Committee

  • Timothy Madigan, St. John Fisher College
  • Carol-Ann Farkas, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Zivah Katz, Queensborough Community College

Book Award Committee

  • Katherine Allocco, Western Connecticut State University (Chair)
  • Jeff Cain, Sacred Heart University
  • Bob Niemi, Saint Michael’s College

Grad Student Awards Committee

  • Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University (Chair)
  • Nova Seals, Salve Regina University
  • Adam Crowley, Husson University

NEPCA Officers’ Job Descriptions

Current version amended June 30, 2014 unless specified otherwise)

Job Description: President

  1. Takes office at the end of the annual meeting.
  2. Presides over meetings of the Executive Council and any other meetings of the Association.
  3. Consults with the Secretary-Treasurer, Program Chair, and Local Arrangements Chair regarding the annual conference.
  4. Assists the Local Arrangements Chair.
  5. Solicits and receives proposals for conference sites and hosting arrangements.
  6. Serves as ex officio member of all committees.
  7. Insures that the Executive Council is informed about the operations of the Association through periodic communication.
  8. Consults with the Local Arrangement Chair as to the best ways to involve institutions in the region of the conference site in the conference.
  9. Arrange for pre-program, inter-program, and post-program meetings of the Executive Council.

Role Description: Past President 

  1. Serves as member of the Executive Council.
  2. Attends to follow-up details of the annual conference including notes of appreciation to Program and Local Arrangements Chair, local arrangements staff, hotel staff, cooperating institutions, etc.

Role Description: Secretary Treasurer 

  1. Elected for a three-year renewable term by the Executive Council.  Serves as a member of the Council and as an ex officio member of all committees, provides a mailing address for the Association and conducts all correspondence not more appropriate to other officers.
  2. Is responsible for the treasury, including receiving and recording all monies received and dispersed, completing any forms for state or federal agencies, consults with the President if there are any doubts as to the appropriateness of expenses, maintains financial records and transfers these to his/her successor in good order.
  3. Supplies new officers with job descriptions.
  4. Take minutes at the general business meeting and any Executive Council meetings.
  5. Maintains a fair copy of the bylaws, insures that all officers have copies, sees to it that all new members have copies, and consults with the Executive Council as to possible amendments.
  6. Assists the Program Chair and Local Arrangement Chair as needed.

Role Description: Newsletter Editor

  1. Appointed by Executive Council for a three-year, once renewable term.
  2. Assumes primary responsibility for Newsletter publication.
  3. In consultation with the Executive Council, develops editorial policy for the Newsletter.
  4. Attends meetings of the Executive Council.
  5. Endeavors to respond to requests of offices as to the placement of items in the Newsletter.
  6. Unless otherwise designated, the Executive Secretary will serve as Newsletter Editor.

Role Description: Member at Large

  1. Attends meetings of the Executive Council.
  2. Carries out request of the President.
  3. Proselytizes for the Association.
  4. Informs the Executive Council on matters of interest.
  5. Recommends potential officers.
  6. Accepts special assignments from the Newsletter Editor.
  7. Evaluates the meeting and the program and suggests improvements.

Role Description: Program Chair 

  1. Sends out notices of next year’s conference to journals so as to provide for timely publication of such notice.
  2. Maintains and adds to the list of journals appropriate for publicity notice.
  3. Receives program proposals, promptly informs submitters as to acceptance, advises submitters on improving proposals, informs participants as to length of presentation time, session structure, fees, registration costs, etc.
  4. Sends list of participants to the Secretary-Treasurer so that an accurate list of dues paying members can be drawn up and mailing lists can be updated.
  5. Maintains constant liaison with the Local Arrangements Chair, the President, and the Secretary-Treasurer.
  6. Receives files from outgoing Program Chair and passes those and current records in good order to the next chair.
  7. Serves as a member of the Executive Council.

Role Description: Local Arrangements Chair

  1. Appointed for a one-year term by the Executive Council.
  2. Attends meetings of the Council at the President’s request.
  3. Negotiates with hotels, conference center and other institutions on the proposed conference site.
  4. Consults with President as to how to foster local institutional support.
  5. Organizes and instructs local arrangements committee as necessary.
  6. Arrange for local transportation as necessary.
  7. Maintains constant liaison with President and Secretary-Treasurer about key conference details.
  8. Informs local media.
  9. Arranges for hotel registration materials as necessary.
  10. Arranges for the staffing of the Registration Desk – supplies responsible person to be responsible for transmittal of funds to Secretary-Treasurer, supplies receipt book, money box, and change.
  11. Handles A-V requests as feasible.
  12. Maintains presence at conference as trouble-shooter.