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NEPCA Officers

Current Officers of NEPCA

Terms expire on November 1 of the year indicated.

President 2016-2017   

Marty Norden, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Past President 2015-2016

Karen Honeycutt (Keene State College)

Executive Secretary/Editor 

Robert Weir (UMass-Amherst)- ex-officio

Social Media Strategist

Lance Eaton (Regis College)– ex-officio

Program Chairs 2018 Conference

Russ Pottle (Worcester State University)

Executive Council  [term expires]

Geraldine Wagner (Johnson & Wales) [2018]

Mark Madigan (Nazareth College) [2018]

Carol-Ann Farkas (MCPHS University) [2019]

Don Gagnon (Western CT State Univ. [2019]

Jeff Cain (Sacred Heart University) [2019]

Robert Niemi (St. Michael’s College) [2019]

Andrea McClanahan (East Stroudsburg University) [2020]


Follow this link for a list of past NEPCA presidents.


  1. Frank A. Salamone says:

    I would like to issue a call for papers for an edited book on female police detectives around the world.

    • robnepca says:

      Just now saw this, Frank. (We don’t have a good alert system with this platform–one of its few drawbacks.) Go to the site and coordinate this with our literature area chair. I think it’s a great idea. I also see you’ve moved. Can you email me your new info?

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