Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in NEPCA.  These include:

  • Writing a refereed book review
  • Becoming an area chair for our annual conference
  • Running for elected office
  • Serving on an ad-hoc committee

Book Reviews

NEPCA publishes refereed book reviews on our home page. Some of them are reprinted in NEPCA News, our annual newsletter.

Any member can suggest a book review. If you’d like to review a book, simply contact NEPCA Executive Secretary Rob Weir: He will send NEPCA guidelines for reviewers. job descriptions

Area Chairs

Area Chairs assist the Program Chair in recruiting conference proposals and in evaluating those that NEPCA receives. Here is a list of current chairs, but members should feel free to suggest new areas. Contact Rob Weir if you have a idea for a new specialty area.

Elected Office

NEPCA’s policy-making body is its elected Executive Council. Members serve three-year terms (once renewable) and any member is eligible to fill openings on the Council. See NEPCA bylaws for job duties of executive council members.

Ad-hoc Committees

NEPCA has periodic needs to create temporary committees for special purposes. Volunteers are welcomed when these needs arrive. NEPCA will announce the formation of ad-hoc committees as needs occur.

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