Membership Dues

Membership Dues

If you wish to join NEPCA outside of registering for a conference you can do so here.  However, if you are registering for an upcoming NEPCA conference, registration includes annual membership dues.

You can submit payment for all NEPCA Membership Dues through PayPal or by personal check.  

If you are paying by personal check, find the amount you owe below and mail the check along with a membership registration form to:

Lance Eaton
NEPCA Executive Secretary
248 Bay View Ave
Cranston, RI, 02905

To pay by credit card go to Pay Pal and click on the payment option that applies to you for the list below.


These links will take you to PayPal, where you can pay by credit card. NEPCA does not accept credit cards directly. If you do not wish to use Pay Pal, please send a personal check in U.S. funds with a U.S. routing number to the address above.

ESSENTIAL: When you register by PayPal, NEPCA receives only the name of the person whose card is used. Make sure you email: if you use a credit card that is linked to any name other than your own. 

2022 DUES (for non-conference attendees)

Paying dues for those NOT attending the conference:

NEPCA dues are required of all conference participants but are included in the fees. If you wish to renew your NEPCA membership and are NOT attending the conference, use these links.

Annual dues for full-time faculty members

Annual dues for full-time faculty members.  The fee is $35.


Annual dues for adjuncts, graduate students, independent scholars and others

Annual dues for adjuncts, graduate students, independent scholars and others.   The fee is $25.


Lifetime Membership

Lifetime Membership. Lifetime membership costs $200. Lifetime members will pay a discounted rate at all future conferences (deducting the annual membership fee that is also bundled into the conference price).



NEPCA is a 503 (c)(3) non-profit. Donations of any amount are tax-deductible to the full extend of current tax laws.  We appreciate any and all donations made to our organization.

Donation to NEPCA

We appreciate your support and are thankful for any amount you will make. Because of the way this form works, if your donation is not divisible by $25, then please email us for other options:



NEPCA uses PayPal as a third-party vendor and accepts no responsibility for disputes between users and PayPal, which has its own resolution center. Nor can NEPCA issue refunds for anyone using PayPal as the organization does not have a credit card. Payments made to NEPCA through PayPal are considered final transactions. 

Caution: Please keep track of your PayPal activity. We have had incidents of people paying twice for the conference because they simply forgot they had already paid. These transactions are difficult to resolve.

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