NEPCA Bylaws

Bylaws of the Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association 

Article I

The name of the association shall be the Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association.

Article II

The purpose of the association shall be to encourage and to assist in the study of popular culture and American culture: by bringing together the various intellectual disciplines, academic and non-academic areas included, which may deal with the subject matter; by fostering interdisciplinary research endeavors; and by encouraging interested persons to study popular culture and American culture and to belong to the Association.

Article III

The activities of the Association shall be directed by an Executive Council which shall be composed of the following officers: President, Program Chairperson, immediate Past President, Secretary-Treasurer, and up to five Members-at-Large elected by the membership.  The Executive Council shall provide for the bonding of the Secretary-Treasurer and shall direct the business of the Association between the annual meetings.

Article IV

The selection of officers shall be as follows: The Program Chairperson shall automatically move to the Presidency.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected for three year terms (renewable).  Members-at-Large served three-year terms, once renewable. The selection of these persons shall be made in the third year of service except when a position is vacated for some reason. Vacated positions shall be filled with dispatch by action of the Executive Council and the membership shall be informed of such action at the next annual meeting.  All election shall be by majority vote of all members present and voting at the business meeting of the Association held at the annual meeting.  Written proxies shall be allowed. The Program Chairperson is chosen by majority vote of the members present at the business meeting of the Association held at the annual meeting.  Written proxies shall be allowed. The President presides at the annual Business Meeting.

Amended October 31, 2015: Under a new initiative titled the James P. Hanlan Leadership Award, one member of the Executive Council shall be a graduate student who resides or attends school in New England or New York. This individual shall be appointed for one year (renewable).

Article V

The voting members of the Association shall consist of all persons who have paid their annual dues.  The amount of the dues and the registration fee for the annual meeting shall be determined by the Executive Council.

Article VI

Various committees shall be elected or appointed for specific assignments as the Executive Council deems appropriate.

Article VII

The Association shall publish a newsletter at such times as the Executive Council finds appropriate. There shall be at least one newsletter per year.

Amended October 30, 2014: The newsletter shall be published in electronic form.

Article VIII

A financial statement shall be issued annually in the Association newsletter, and it shall be the responsibility of the Secretary-Treasurer to provide the newsletter editor with this report.

Article IX

The Bylaws of the Association may be amended as follows: Amendments must be submitted to the Executive Council at least one month prior to the Annual meeting at which they will be discussed. Immediately after the annual meeting, the Secretary-Treasurer shall inform the membership as to the disposition of the amendments.  Amendments are passed by a majority vote of the members attending the annual business meeting. The membership at large may amend by two-third vote in a mail ballot.

Article X

The Executive Council shall create and periodically review the job descriptions for each of the Association’s officers. The Secretary-Treasurer shall provide each officer with the appropriate job description when the officer assumes office.

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