African Studies Book Call for Chapters

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2015

I am working on a book that features a variety of viewpoints on popular culture in and about Africa.

Topics of particularly interest for chapters include, but are not limited to:

  • Impact of Western news and/or entertainment media representations of Africa and/or African responses to Western media representation
  • Comparative approaches to African and other cultures
  • Technology use in Africa
  • Impact of social media on life in Africa, especially in establishing connections between those in Africa and those on other continents
  • Impact of (popular) culture on politics in Africa and politics of Africa in other places
  • Approaches to tourism and/or urbanization and culture in Africa
  • Film and/or literary analysis connecting Africa and popular works in other places



You may submit a book chapter proposal with an abstract, thesis and author details or a completed chapter draft. If you are submitting a proposal, it is recommended that you provide links to or attachments of other work. Proposal submissions are preferred. Email your submission to

This is a collegial process, so please to not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about submissions. I can be reached at

Amy E. Harth


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