Call for Papers: The Secrets of Academic Publishing

In 2019, Marty Norden and Rob Weir edited Pop Culture Matters: Proceedings of the 39th Conference of the Northeast Popular Culture Association. One of the great joys of this publication is that it included numerous first-time authors. At some point every scholar is a neophyte in the publishing world. What are the secrets to getting your work … Continue reading Call for Papers: The Secrets of Academic Publishing

CFP: Travel/Writing and the Media

Travel / Writing and the Media: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives Edited by Barbara Korte and Anna Sennefelder (University of Freiburg) Travel writing is a flourishing genre with a long history. Since the 1990s, it has been attracting increasing scholarly interest, and its publication output is vast. However, little attention has been paid to the ways in … Continue reading CFP: Travel/Writing and the Media

Calls for Papers: Writing and Publishing

Here's the late calls-for-papers that might be of interest to our members. Dovetail Labs/Freelance Research Opportunity Media, Technology and New Generations: Representing Millennial Generation and Generation Z VIRAL MEDIA book Disability and the Media: Other Bodies Remembering Ntozake Shange Screening Non-Binary Bodies Voices on the Move: An Anthology of Literature and Art by and about … Continue reading Calls for Papers: Writing and Publishing

Upcoming CFPs of Interest: Writing and Publishing

There are some great writing opportunities coming up that we wanted to let you all know about.  These CFPs cover a broad range with deadlines between next week and ongoing.  Let us know if you end up pursuing any of these and the experience (it might help us better determine what CFPs to share forward … Continue reading Upcoming CFPs of Interest: Writing and Publishing

CFP: The Horror of Relations: A Dark Philosophy of Interdependence Through Film

NEPCA Commentary   We came across this on Boston-Area Digital Humanities Listserv, which if you're not a part of, you really should be.  There's lots of great projects being shared there as well as many (free) events and conferences on digital humanities in the greater Boston area. CFP  The idea of interdependence is all around us. … Continue reading CFP: The Horror of Relations: A Dark Philosophy of Interdependence Through Film

CFP: Americana

Americana: The Institute for the Study of American Popular Culture invites submissions in American Studies and American popular culture for our journal. DEADLINE: 1 June 2018 for the Spring 2018 edition of Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, 1900 to present We welcome a variety of critical appraoches on subject matter such as film, television, streaming … Continue reading CFP: Americana

CFP: Trans Identities

A growing awareness of transgender issues has intensified in recent years, especially after the high-profile media example of Caitlyn Jenner, the career ascension of Laverne Cox, and the cross-media achievements of Jazz Jennings. This rising awareness has caused activism both for and against the transgender community and compels us to question many of the binaries … Continue reading CFP: Trans Identities

Poetics and Politics of Video Games CFP

For its thirtieth issue, InVisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture invites scholarly articles and creative works that address the poetics and politics of video games. 20 years ago Janet H. Murray’s Hamlet on the Holodeck and Espen Aarseth’s Cybertext: Perspectives on Ergodic Literature began a conversation to theorize the aesthetics of video games. Since these foundational texts, game studies has … Continue reading Poetics and Politics of Video Games CFP

CFP: Sports and Sexual Violation

CFP: “The Psychology and History of Sexual Violation in Sport and Its Condemnation” by Bob Lentz Journal: Clio’s Psyche, Fall 2018 Special Feature Issue Due Date: April 30, 2018 Why has sexual violation by powerful men in sport (recently gymnastics, previously hockey)—covered up, denied, suppressed, and repressed for so long—become a powerful theme in the American media since the … Continue reading CFP: Sports and Sexual Violation