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Race and Yoga

The full issue of Race and Yoga 2.1 (2017) is available now.  This special issue titled “Sassin’ Through Sadhana”, guest edited by Drs. Rachel Panton and Stephanie Y. Davis, features 7 personal narratives by Black women yoginis and teachers.  Check out this important contribution by Black women whose voices and bodies are under-represented in mainstream yoga and wellness circles.  These essays sit at the intersection of critical yoga studies, Black women’s health, trauma recovery and healing, spiritual practice, anti-racist thought, and Black feminism/womanism.  They are short enough to assign a few (or the whole issue) to a class you may be teaching this upcoming semester.
​Full issue available here:

Reminder:​ Our next CFP deadline is approaching:

DUE : January 15, 2018 
CFP 3.1 (2018): “Decolonizing Yoga? & Unsettling ‘Social Justice'”

Horror Deadline Fast Approaching

CFP: Horror Comes Home

Deadline for Abstracts: 1/15/18; Essays: 8/1/18

The horror genre in film and television is no stranger to images of home. As Carol Clover notes, most horror occurs within a “terrible place,” often a space that, in fact, represents home, transforming it from a refuge to a prison or a supernatural battleground.

How do our understandings of home shift within the horror genre when “home” might mean a coffin, a sideshow, a hotel, a tent, or transitory refuge? What happens to notions of home when it is the site of physical or psychological violence or contamination? This volume seeks to engage with the spectrum of these representations of home within the horror genre.

We seek proposals for intelligent, accessible chapters—rigorous scholarship and innovative ideas expressed in clear, vigorous, jargon-free prose—that examine and critically analyze the concept of “home” as it is portrayed in the horror genre across a range of films and eras.  Proposals for both topical essays and close readings of a single text are welcome. Proposals on films produced outside the US are very welcome. Previously unpublished work only, please.

Essays might explore topics including, but not limited to:

Haunted houses in horror films

·      Psychological states projected onto home spaces

·      Menacing homes

·      The womb as horrific home

·      Familial relationships in horror

·      The hotel or hostel as a transitory home site

·      Threats to the home

·      Gendered or racially defined home spaces as liminal spaces within the genre

·      Class relationships as they inform home and horror

·      How sites become “home” in relationship to horrific events

Please send your 500-word abstract to all three co-editors, Cindy Miller (, Bow Van Riper (, and Susan Kerns (


Publication Timetable:


Abstracts – January 15, 2018

First Drafts – August 1, 2018

Revisions – November 1, 2018

Submission – February 1, 2019

Acceptance will be contingent upon the contributors’ ability to meet these deadlines, and to deliver professional-quality work.  Contributors who, without prior arrangement, do not submit their initial draft by the deadline will, regrettably, be dropped from the project.

CFP: Journal of American Popular Culture

Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture, 1900 to present, seeks American Studies submissions no longer than 10,000 words in MLA format.

Articles must by analytical, original, and focus on some aspect of American Studies, especially pertaining to popular culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Please go here for more details:

If you would like to read previously published work for an idea of what we publish, go here:

Submissions may be emailed to

CFP: Black Ball

Call for papers for the Annual publication Black Ball, published by McFarland Publishing.  This is a peer reviewed journal focusing on the history of black baseball.  The 2019 journal will include a special section focusing on barnstorming and minor negro league teams and their history. Send inquiries or papers to the editor, Dr. Leslie Heaphy.  Other topics will also be accepted as long as they have a connection to the history of African Americans and baseball.

Contact Info:
Contact Email:

Masculinities Journal CFP

Call for Papers for 9th Issue of Masculinities: A Journal of Identity and Culture

Critical studies on men and masculinities is a developing and interdisciplinary field of inquiry, flourished in association with the feminist and LGBTQ studies since its establishment in the 1980’s by the substantial efforts of authors such as Raewyn Connell, Michael Kimmel, Jeff Hearn, Victor Seidler and David Morgan among many others. This field is now elaborating and promoting its own issues and agendas. Masculinities: A Journal of Identity and Culture, an internationally refereed journal which is published biannually in February and August by Initiative for Critical Studies of Masculinities (ICSM), is a part of these efforts.

The first eight issues of the journal can be reached online, from the following address:

Masculinities: A Journal of Identity and Culture, is now seeking contributions for its 9th issue, which will be published in February 2018. We are looking for articles and essays from every field of social sciences and humanities, which critically investigate men and masculinities. The submissions can be written either in English or Turkish. The relevant subjects for this issue include but not limited to the following:

Identities, experiences, representations
Politics and law
Childhood and youth
Fatherhood and family
Media, movies, TV and the Internet
Methods and methodologies

Deadline for article submissions: December 15, 2017

Submissions should be sent to the following address:
Submission guidelines can be found at the Guidelines section of the following address:

Blackness in Graphic Novels

This edited volume will offer an opportunity for authors to investigate the ways in which blackness is reimagined in both mainstream and independent comics. Specifically, I propose responding to the following questions: What are the ways in which heroism is redefined by black characters? How are black futures reimagined? What gendered arguments are made through this medium? What are the challenges in presenting to black audiences in this largely white genre? How do the creators depict the continent of Africa and/or communities in the African Diaspora? How are black bodies presented in graphic comics and novels? Finally, how are themes of social justice specific to black communities presented in this type of medium?

This volume would address the above questions in addition to the themes indicated below.

  1. Black Futurism
  2. Black Femininity
  3. Black Masculinity
  4. Imagery of Blackness
  5. Conceptions of Africa and/or Diaspora
  6. Black Bodies in Comics
  7. The Use of Comics for Social Change
  8. Narratives of publishing Black-themed Graphic Novels and Comics

All submissions should include a 200-word abstract. Finalized contributions should be sent as Microsoft Word and/ or JPEG attachment by January 1, 2018. Articles will be in English. Please send an email to for instructions to submit via Dropbox. In terms of submission requirements, utilize FIRE!!!’s style guide located at under the author’s tab.

Jewish Sports Heritage CFP

With the 2018 volume “Jewish Sports Heritage” will focus on writing on any aspect of Jewish involvement in the world of sports. The journal will no longer be published quarterly, just one time/year, so this will be an expanded volume. We seek compelling essays, insightful commentaries and critical analyses.

Jewish Sports Heritage Association is accepting the following kinds of submissions on topical issues or debates:

– Research essays, open to interpretation;

– Commentary: social scientific assessments of events, journalistic reportage;

– Conversations; interviews with athletes, coaches, others involved in sports;

– Photo essays;

– Book reviews.

We invite both proposals and submissions. Proposals should be submitted by December 1. Submissions are due by December 30. Expected publication of the journal is February 4, 2018.

Contact Info:

Alan Freedman


Jewish Sports Heritage Association

Contact Email: