CFP for Edited Collection:Monstrous Messengers: Supernatural Figures in Children’s Picture Books and Early Readers

Picture books and early readers carry all the weight of parental authority, and are essential tools in the learning process for children. They offer children not only hours of sanctioned entertainment and carefully chosen words and concepts, they also introduce the young children to specific cultural norms and belief systems. What role then does the supernatural character play for children learning to “read” and interpret the values in the interplay of images, words, and authority? At this point, there is no text addressing this question; although there is an increasing amount of scholarship regarding how the various supernatural characters (and monstrous children) reflect various adult issues when they appear within film and television. This edited collection is meant to begin the exploration of what cultural norms and morals are being offered our children in images and words in the medium of picture books and early readers since they are not just sanctioned, but encouraged.

Please submit a 300 word abstract and a brief scholarly bio to Leslie Ormandy at . The closing date for submissions is June 28, 2015. Notice of acceptance will follow by 4 July, 2015 (and will include a listing of helpful readings).  Complete rough draft of 7000 – 8000 word essays are to be submitted by December 10, 2015 in MLA format with US spelling and punctuation.



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