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Past Presidents

The following individuals have served NEPCA as president of the organization.  NEPCA chairs are traditionally elected in the fall and serve until the following year’s conference rises.

1975-77:         Gerard O’ Connor

1978-79:         Marie Ahearn

1979:                Josie Campbell

1980-85:          No Meetings

1986-87:          David Vaughan

1987-88:          Eugene Schleh

1989-90:           Rod Carveth

1990-91:           Roy Vestich

1991-92:            Brooks Robards

1992-93:            Robert Niemi

1994-95:            Dennis Browne

1995-96:            James Hanlan

1996-97:            David Cole

1997-98:            Amos St. Germain

199899:            Joseph M. McCarhty

1999-2000:      Judith Hakola

2000-01:          Carol Mitchell

200102:            Virginia Metaxas

2002-03:           Margaret Wiley

2003-04:          Peter Holloran

2004-05:           Lisa Boehm

2005-06:           Jeff Cain

2006-07:             Amos St. Germain

2007-08:             Bruce Cohen

2008-09:             Carol-Ann Farkas

2009-10:              Mark Van Ells

2010-11:              David Tanner

2011-12:              Don Gagnon

2012-13:              Tim Madigan

2013-14:              Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman

2014-15:              Robert Hackey

2015-16:             Kraig Larkin

2016-17:             Karen Honeycutt

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