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NEPCA Area Chairs

NEPCA area chairs help the organization assemble its annual conference by helping the program chair determine the worthiness of paper submissions. They also help submitters fashion their proposals. NOTE: All the emails links should be live.

All areas highlighted in RED can be clicked and will take you to a link with further explanation of that area.


American Literature and Fiction: Mark Madigan, Nazareth College,

Celebrity and Entertainment: Andrea McClanahan, East Stroudsburg State  

Celtic Studies: Tim Madigan, St. John Fisher College,

Comics and Graphic Novels: Zack Kruse, 

Dance: Virginia Cowen, Rutgers University,

Digital Media and Gaming CultureJeff Cain, Sacred Heart University, 

Ethnic and Race Studies: TBA

The Fantastic (Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction): Michael Torregrossa,

Fashion and Body Image: Gloria Monaghan, Wentworth Institute,

Film & History: Carol Mitchell, Springfield College,

Folklore and Folk Tales: Lisa Leblanc, Anna Maria College,

Food, Foodways and Culture: Ann Kordas, Johnson & Wales University, 

Gender, Identity, Sex and Sexuality: Don Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University,

Global Cultures: Frank A. Salamone, Iona College,

Health, Disease and Physical Culture: Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University,

History and Uses of the Past: James P. Hanlan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 

Horror: See The Fantastic (above)

Humor: Virginia Freed, Bay Path College, 

Labor Studies: Bruce Cohen, Worcester State College,

Libraries, Archives, Collecting & Publishing: Julie DeCesare, Providence College,  

Marketing and Advertising: Rick Magee, Sacred Heart University,

Music: Cory Matieyshen, Independent scholar,

Musical Theater and  Films: Don Gagnon, Western CT State University,

Northeast Studies/Travel and Tourism: Rob Weir, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 

Philosophy and Popular Culture: Anthony Cirilla, Niagara University,

Politics, Civic Life and Popular Culture: Robert Hackey, Providence College,

Psychology and Popular Culture: Michelle Ronayne,

 Religion: June-Ann Greeley, Sacred Heart University,

Romance/Popular Romance Fiction: Wendy Wagner, Johnson & Wales, 

Science and Technology: Todd Olszewski, Providence College,

Sports: Dennis Gildea, Springfield College, 

Storytelling: Constructing Oral and Written Narratives: Adam Crowley, Husson College,

Teaching and Popular Culture: Lance

Television: Kathleen Collins, John Jay College,

Urban Studies: Lois Ascher, Wentworth Institute,

War, Peace and Culture: Mark Van Ells,

World Literature: Susan Gorman,Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University,

None of the Above: Robert Niemi, St. Michael’s College,


  1. Slow Blink says:

    Is it okay to submit to more than one chair if the topic crosses topics.

  2. Frank Salamone says:

    Global Cultures: Frank A. Salamone, Iona College,

    Call for Papers for the NEPCA annual meeting at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.NEPCA will hold its 2017 fall conference at the University of Massachusetts Amherst the weekend of October 27-28, 2017. The conference will be held at the Campus Center overlooking the pond in the middle of the UMass campus. Lodging will be available in the Campus Center Hotel, which is in the same building

    Please, send proposals for panels or abstract to me at the address given, Papers of any topic dealing with popular culture in a global aspect are welcome. I interpret the term quite broadly – music, dance, literature, art and philosophy, for example. Abstracts should give your contact details and affiliation. 50 to 100 words of description should suffice. Student abstracts are welcome.

  3. katelaity says:

    Should submissions on crime/mystery fiction just go to None of the Above?

    • robnepca says:

      Depending on the focus, I’d say either American Literature (if a US author), World Literature (non-US writer), or Storytelling is you focus is on narrative development/structure.

  4. Allison says:

    Can you submit more than one topic for consideration if they are in different areas?

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