New Film on Feminist Literature and Romance Novels

LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS: a film about women filmmakers, is now available. Romance novels comprise over a billion dollars a year in book sales, outselling science fiction, fantasy, and mystery combined. So why is the genre so often dismissed as frivolous “scribble” rather than elevated as a radical literary form that pushes the envelope on … Continue reading New Film on Feminist Literature and Romance Novels

Pop Culture Workshops at Bowling Green

SPRING 2016 POPULAR CULTURE RESEARCH WORKSHOP AT BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY The PCA/ACA is sponsoring a week-long research workshop conjointly with the Department of Popular Culture, the Ray and Pat Browne Popular Culture Library, and the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives at Bowling Green State University from Saturday, May 21, 2016 to Friday, May … Continue reading Pop Culture Workshops at Bowling Green

University of KY History Podcasts

Two doctoral students in the History Department at the University of Kentucky, Dara Vance and Cody Foster, have started a podcast series called "Long Story Short: A Brief History of History" that features UK historians reflecting on and summarizing fascinating stories in history. The target audience is local, regional and global audiences as well as, … Continue reading University of KY History Podcasts

New Additions to H-Sport Archive

H-Sport is pleased to announce that additional collections have been added to its Archive Project, an online resource which provides information about archival collections that are of interest to sport scholars. Archive Project collections have now been organized with the following categories to make searching easier: US and Canada, Latin America, Europe, Olympics, Soccer (football), … Continue reading New Additions to H-Sport Archive

Mapping the IWW Project Now Available

The IWW History Project is now live. Based at the University of Washington, the online project reveals in new ways the rich history of the Industrial Workers of the World during the formative years, 1905-1935. The project has many dimensions, but at the center are interactive maps and datasets that show the geography and density … Continue reading Mapping the IWW Project Now Available