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CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: H-Sport Teaching Initiative – Syllabi and Assignments

H-SPORT is currently seeking contributions for our Teaching Initiative project. Presently, we are looking for syllabi and assignments that focus on media, literature, philosophy, law, policy, management, sociology, and history of sport. Because we are an interdisciplinary list other categories in the sport-teaching field are also welcome. Our goal with the Teaching Initiative project is to offer a place where instructors and researchers can share information regarding syllabi, course assignments, and reading lists, as well other educational materials related to the sport-teaching field. When submitting syllabi and/or assignments, please include information, such as course name, the level of the course (undergraduate or graduate), school name, and in which specific category you would like your syllabus to be listed under (this will help us divide the materials into the specific categories).

Please send submissions as .docx, .doc, or .pdf. In the subject line, include your LAST NAMETEACHING INITIATIVE, and the SPECIFC CATEGORY YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR SYLLABUS AND/OR ASSIGNMENT TO BE LISTED UNDER. For example, Jones_Teaching Initiative_Media.

Please send all submissions to Tanya Lovejoy (H-Sport List Editor) at

The most recent submissions can be accessed on the H-Sport Teaching Initiative page. The syllabi are filed under specific categories on the main Teaching Initiative page.  A link to the Teaching Initiative Project page can also be found on the right-hand menu on the main H-Sport page. The H-Sport Teaching Initiative is an ongoing project and H-Sport looks forward to adding other sport-teaching materials in the future.

Please note: All material has been submitted courtesy of the authors. All material remains the intellectual property of the authors and should not be redistributed or used for commercial purposes without the consent of the authors.

Seeking Hosts for the Podcast New Books in Sports

New Books in Sports ( is currently seeking hosts interested in conducting interviews with authors of new books on sports. Hosting the channel is a good way to bring the work of sports scholars to the attention of large audiences. Interested parties should write Marshall Poe at

New Books in Sports is part of the New Books Network (, a non-profit consortium of 81 author-interview podcasts focused on academic books. The NBN serves 25,000 episodes a day to a worldwide audience. Its mission is outreach and public education.

Revised Edition of the Historical Dictionary of New England




Longtime NEPCA member and former president Peter C. Holloran (Worcester State University) has published a revised and expanded second edition of Historical Dictionary of New England (Rowman & Littlefield).

Pop Culture Institute at Bowling Green

“Exploring the Archives: Fifty Years of Popular Culture”
For the second time, the PCA/ACA and Bowling Green State University are jointly sponsoring a summer research institute on the Bowling Green, Ohio campus from Sunday, May 21 through Thursday, May 25, 2017. This institute will introduce a small group of scholars from across the country and abroad to the research and pedagogical treasures of BGSU’s very special collections.
The staff of these exceptional collections will assist institute participants in locating unique resources for use in their teaching and research in accordance with Fair Use guidelines. In addition, volunteer faculty scholars from both BGSU and PCA/ACA will lend their time and expertise to help participants with their own individual projects.
A limited number of $400 travel grants are available for participants.
For more information, please visit the following link(s):

Theo Bikel: Revisiting the American Folk Music Revival


While I’m Here

Red House 286


imgres-9-59-37-amTheo Bikel’s While I’m Here is a magical trip down Memory Lane. If this name rings no bells, your cultural/musical education contains a gap that this double-CD can bridge. Bikel (1924-2015) was a seminal figure in the middle period of the Folk Revival (1947-1965).

Bikel was born in Vienna, fled to Palestine during the Nazi years, moved to London to become an actor, immigrated to the United States in 1954, and became a citizen in 1961. His contributions to the Folk Revival notwithstanding, he was even better known for his acting chops. How many folk singers do you know that have been nominated for Academy Awards and Tony Awards, served as president of Actors’ Equity, and played Worf’s father on Star Trek? His is the record-holder for portraying Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof), and the role of Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music was invented for Bikel to display his vocal prowess. Ever hear the song “Edelweiss?” Of course you have; it was penned by Oscar Hammerstein especially for Bikel

If it strikes you as odd that Bikel also picked up an acoustic guitar and sang at folk clubs, another short history lesson. During the Folk Revival, stories were as important as the songs, and no music devotee dreamt of yelling out, “Shut up and sing!” Who better than an actor to spin good yarns? To mention a few others who went a similar route, Alan Arkin was one-third of The Tarriers, who had several best-selling records; and most of The Clancy Brothers hit the boards before they hit the charts. (Contemporary actors such as Steve Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Creed Bratton, and Kevin Bacon tread in these footsteps in reverse, and tons of actors rock or rap.)

Bikel hit the USA at time during the Folk Revival when Americans were discovering the world: Alan Lomax trotted across the planet to record international folk music, Pete Seeger whistled both traditional and revolutionary Chinese ditties, and country singers discovered that “Appalachian” music had English or Scottish roots. Bikel fit in well—he was the genuine article, a Jew with an inherited trove of Yiddish and Hebrew songs, facility with 21 languages, and a born shanachie. The first CD of While I’m Here is entirely storytelling—most of it autobiographical in content but spellbinding in nature. Imagine a Yiddish Garrison Keillor and you begin to conjure the worlds Bikel recreates. One could teach an awful lot of immigration history through Bikel’s words—especially the lure of America in the post-World War Two years.

Some listeners may find Bikel’s songs too mannered. This too was common during the Folk Revival, with Bikel fitting the mold of other “stagey” singers such as John Jacob Niles. He was not a songwriter; Bikel interpreted the compositions of others, including the album’s title track, penned by Phil Ochs. One of his signature songs, “The Lady is Waiting,” came from Paul Williams, and Bikel wasn’t particular about original sources, as long as he liked the song. Another favorite was “Pourquoi Je Chante,” from Egyptian-French-Italian-Greek composer Giuseppe Mustacchi. Bikel also fashioned sets that contained Yiddish songs, contemporary international folk, and show tunes. He cofounded the Newport Folk Festival (1959) and inspired such next-wave Folk Revivalists as Judy Collins, Peter Yarrow, and some guy named Dylan, as well as Jac Holzman, who went on to produce everyone from The Doors to The Stooges.

Bikel belonged to the generation of folkies defiant of the 1950s Red Scare and 1960s reactionaries. He was an unapologetic Zionist and remained an activist even when it passed from fashion (which is more than can be said of Dylan). The second CD opens with “Wasn’t That a Mighty Day?” which Bikel reworked to protest the ill treatment of Hurricane Katrina survivors. Bikel was a lifelong civil rights activist; hence the collection also contains “Oh Freedom.”

In brief, Theo Bikel was an important figure—an icon of artistic achievement, creativity force, and humanitarianism. Bikel passed last year, but continues to inspire folks such as Cathy Fink, who co-produced this retrospective, and Judy Collins, who wrote a loving tribute. If you already know about Bikel, spread the word; if not, time to complete your education, friend.

Rob Weir

PS: I’d recommend buying the CD, not a download, because the 24-page liner booklet is an education in its own right.

New Film on Feminist Literature and Romance Novels

LOVE BETWEEN THE COVERS: a film about women filmmakers, is now available.

Romance novels comprise over a billion dollars a year in book sales, outselling science fiction, fantasy, and mystery combined. So why is the genre so often dismissed as frivolous “scribble” rather than elevated as a radical literary form that pushes the envelope on gender, race, and diversity? The heroic characters, prolific writers, and voracious readers that dominate romantic fiction are primarily women. Witty and intelligent, these lovers of the written word form a collaborative, supportive, and dynamic community where readers and writers inspire one another. Emmy Award® Winning director Laurie Kahn (Tupperware!) takes a comprehensive look at what goes into publishing a romantic novel, from the author’s inspiration and writing process to the photo shoots for those distinctive cover designs. Speaking with literary scholars, romance fanatics, aspiring writers, and award-winning authors, including Nora Roberts, Eloisa James, Beverly Jenkins, and Radclyffe, this documentary offers fascinating insights into this female-centric literary world.

You can get more information from: Amy Aquilino, Women Make Movies, 115 W. 29th Street, Suite 1200LS, New York, NY  10001

WMM Catalog:

Special Collections:

Pop Culture Workshops at Bowling Green

The PCA/ACA is sponsoring a week-long research workshop conjointly with the Department of Popular Culture, the Ray and Pat Browne Popular Culture Library, and the Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives at Bowling Green State University from Saturday, May 21, 2016 to Friday, May 27, 2016. This workshop is being generously supported by the School of Cultural and Critical Studies, the Dean of Libraries, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Provost at Bowling Green State University as well as by the PCA/ACA Endowment.
This research workshop is intended to introduce between 20 and 25 scholars from around the country and abroad to the research and pedagogical treasures of these very special collections. The Ray and Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies was founded in 1969 and is the most comprehensive repository of its kind in the United States and includes more than 190,000 cataloged books. The collection’s primary focus is popular fiction, popular entertainment (radio, television, film and the mass communication industry), and the graphic arts/advertising. Besides books and magazines, the collection includes a range of nontraditional materials including fanzines, comics, movie posters, postcards, greeting cards, trading cards, television episode scripts and many three-dimensional items (such as action figures, fast food toys, and games). (
The Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives is considered the nation’s premier academic collection of popular music sound recordings. Established in 1967 for the scholarly study of popular music and music recordings, the Sound Recordings Archives includes a million recordings in all formats (LP,78,45,CD, tapes and more), discographies, books, and periodicals related to popular music and the recording industry. (
The Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University also has interviews and personal papers of some key figures in Popular Culture Studies, especially of Ray Browne. In addition, the Jerome Library at Bowling Green State University hosts one of the country’s finest collections of research materials on the Great Lakes.
The staff of these collections will be available to assist participants in locating unique resources for use in their teaching and research in accordance with Fair Use guidelines. At present, these collections are not as widely known and utilized in the academy as they deserve to be. In addition, the PCA/ACA Endowment has supported the growth of these special collections over the years and the PCA/ACA has identified Bowling Green State University as the official depository of all PCA/ACA records.
The workshop faculty will consist of four or more members of the faculty of the Department of Popular Culture and other areas at Bowling Green State University and four to five members of the PCA/ACA Governing Board, all of whom will volunteer their time and expertise. Applicants will be considered for one of up to 20, $400 travel grants to participate in the workshop. While the Research Workshop is intended for academic and independent scholars who intend to use these special collections over time, applications from advanced graduate students who will be utilizing these collections in their work will also be considered. Housing will be available at a minimal rate in a new residence hall adjacent to the Jerome Library. (Off-campus housing can be secured, if desired, in area motels.) On campus dining facilities will be available on a limited basis throughout the week as will a good number of area restaurants. Travel will be the responsibility of the participants. Applications for travel grants will be accepted until April 1, 2016. Applications will be evaluated by the Co-Directors of the Workshop and a member of the PCA/ACA Endowment Board. There will be a $100 conference registration fee for participants which will be due by April 20, 2016.
The workshop is designed to engage participants in hands- on work with the special collections consistent with their individual teaching/research needs. Each participant will identify his/her major project for the week early in the workshop. In addition to opening and closing receptions on Saturday evening and Thursday evening, participants will be presented with a series of five or six presentations by the workshop faculty who will provide them with a variety of key approaches/methodologies for the study and utilization of these materials. Social events will be provided as an option to the group several times during the week. Travel grant recipients will be asked to present the results of their project at a regional or national PCA/ACA conference over the next two years.