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From the Horses’ Mouths: NEPCA Conference Experiences

Boston University graduate students Laura Brown and Nadum wrote about their experiences for the BU College of Communication newsletter. Click on this link to read their comments:

See–We *told* you NEPCA is a popular place to be!

NEPCA Seeking Area Chairs

At NEPCA’s October Executive Council meeting, two new areas were proposed: Media Literacy and Crime in Fact and Fiction.

Before launching, however, NEPCA wishes to gauge interest from those who might wish to serve as a chair for one of these areas.

A chair helps solicit and evaluate papers. A thorough job description can be found by consulting: Scroll down for the area chair description.

If you’d like to be considered, contact: Rob Weir:

All area chairs must be active (dues-paying) members of NEPCA. You are active if you attended the last conference or have renewed your membership during 2017. If you forgot, you can renew by consulting:

One of Our Graduate Prize Winners

Here’s a picture of Eren Odabasi,the winner of the 2016 Carol Mitchell Prize for Best Graduate Student paper. Alas, Nova Seals, our Amos St. Germain Prize winner got away from the podium before I could snap her picture. Each year NEPCA honors two graduate students for excellence at the previous year’s conference. Maybe your picture will appear next year! 

Meet NEPCA’s New President

Meet Marty Norden from the UMass Amherst Department of Communications. After the superb job Marty did with our 2017 conference he was unanimously elected as NEPCA’s president for 2017-18.

Scenes From the 2017 Conference: I

Scenes from NEPCA 2017. This is the day after when your faithful Executive Secretary took Krisha (Sukrittaya Jukping) to see the house and statue of one of her heroines: Sojourner Truth. She was thrilled. Seems like the least I could do for one who had traveled 46 hours (!!!) from Thailand to take part in NEPCA. 

NEPCA a Roaring Success

Our annual conference, this year held at UMass Amherst, has just concluded and it was a huge success! There were the usual things that happen at every conference, everywhere: some technology wobbles, no-shows, etc. but the biggest problem was a pleasant one: so many superb papers that one couldn’t possibly hear them all!

Congratulations to Marty Norden for assembling such a well-run program. Shout outs also to Allison Butler for her work with local arrangements, to our conference services point person Jessica Vallone, the UMass administration, and to our keynote speaker: Sut Jhally.

Must have been a great weekend: even the beleaguered UMass football team upset a heavily favored rival!

Hope to see you at Worcester State next year (October 19-20, 2018).



T minus 7 days and counting folks. NEPCA’s fall conference launches next Friday. For those coming from out of the region, the preliminary weather forecast cals fro mild weather. but don’t trust it this far in advance. Check the forecast as the date draws nearer and plan your wardrobe accordingly. It’s never a bad idea to think about “layering” in an New England autumn. Weather Underground is generally a pretty good Web source to consult–generally more accurate than the Weather Channel.

Foliage update: There should still be quite a bit around for Oct 27-28. It has just started to peak and is the color is late arriving this year. Not our most brilliant foliage show, but looks as if it might linger.