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T minus 7 days and counting folks. NEPCA’s fall conference launches next Friday. For those coming from out of the region, the preliminary weather forecast cals fro mild weather. but don’t trust it this far in advance. Check the forecast as the date draws nearer and plan your wardrobe accordingly. It’s never a bad idea to think about “layering” in an New England autumn. Weather Underground is generally a pretty good Web source to consult–generally more accurate than the Weather Channel.

Foliage update: There should still be quite a bit around for Oct 27-28. It has just started to peak and is the color is late arriving this year. Not our most brilliant foliage show, but looks as if it might linger.


Attention Graduate Students Presenting at NEPCA

NEPCA awards two cash prizes for best graduate student papers at its annual conferences. If you are presenting this October and your paper goes well, consider entering this competition.

The rules:

  1. Only your panel chair can nominate a paper. If you’d like to compete, approach your chair and ask that individual to nominate your paper.
  2. At some point after the conference, our prize committee will approach you and ask that you submit a written copy (by email) to the committee. This will necessitate that you transform your notes into a paper of roughly 10-12 pages (plus footnotes and bibliography).
  3. Your written paper should be as close as possible to the presentation you actually gave. Do not submit expanded versions, dissertation chapters, or long manuscripts.
  4. The committee will deliberate and the winners will be announced in the late spring or early summer of 2018 (depending upon how many papers are submitted).
  5. Winners will receive a cash prize, a certificate, and an invitation to attend our 2018 conference free of charge. (NEPCA does not cover food, lodging, or transportation costs.)
  6. You must make sure that NEPCA is kept up to date re: any email address changes and/or physical address changes. Put simply, NEPCA can’t honor you if it can’t find you!

Some Rooms Available Saturday Night

The Campus Center Hotel advises they have a small number of hotel rooms available for Saturday night of the NEPCA conference. You can book one by calling them directly: 877-822-2110.  Friday night is currently booked solid, but you could check for cancellations. Otherwise, check this site for other lodging options.



There are just ten days left to register for NEPCA’s fall conference. Please do so immediately. We have a very long waiting list of presenters that we will begin to call upon for those whose conference fees are not paid by the end of the day on 31 August.


If you have applied to give a paper for the fall NEPCA conference, you should have received notification by now.


If you, for some reason, have not received notification, please contact Marty Norden immediately:

Reminder: PRESENTERS WHO DO NOT REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 1 WILL BE BUMPED TO THE WAIT LIST. We have a large number of individuals whose papers were waited-listed in the first round and if you do not pay and register by September 1, you may lose your place on the program.

Acceptances To Be Sent Soon

We ask those of you who have sent proposals to bear with us just a little longer. We had a record number of submissions and are in the final stages of fashioning panels and making cuts. We will have to be much more selective this year due to space limitations. If your paper hasn’t been selected this year, please hold on–we may be able to get it in if there are withdrawals. If we can’t, it’s not because your proposal wasn’t good–in all likelihood, it’s purely a matter of space and we hope you will try again next year.

NEPCA Fall Proposals are Closed


The deadline for submitting a proposal for the fall conference has passed. We had a record number of submissions this year and will only solicit papers to round out panels where necessary.

Thanks to all for submitting and please don’t be discouraged if your paper can’t be accommodated this year. You will hear from us very soon as we will meet on June 12 to assemble the preliminary program.