Past Presidents

The following individuals have served NEPCA as president of the organization.  NEPCA chairs are traditionally elected in the fall and serve until the following year’s conference rises.

1975-77: Gerard O’ Connor
1978-79: Marie Ahearn
1979-80: Josie Campbell
1980-85: No Meetings
1986-87: David Vaughan
1987-88: Eugene Schleh
1989-90: Rod Carveth
1990-91: Roy Vestich
1991-92: Brooks Robards
1992-93: Robert Niemi
1994-95: Dennis Browne
1995-96: James Hanlan
1996-97: David Cole
1997-98: Amos St. Germain
1998-99: Joseph M. McCarhty
1999-00: Judith Hakola
2000-01: Carol Mitchell
2001-02: Virginia Metaxas
2002-03: Margaret Wiley
2003-04: Peter Holloran
2004-05: Lisa Boehm
2005-06: Jeff Cain
2006-07: Amos St. Germain
2007-08: Bruce Cohen
2008-09: Carol-Ann Farkas
2009-10: Mark Van Ells
2010-11: David Tanner
2011-12: Don Gagnon
2012-13: Tim Madigan
2013-14: Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman
2014-15: Robert Hackey
2015-16: Kraig Larkin
2016-17: Karen Honeycutt
2017-18: Marty Norden
2018-2019: Rob Weir
2019-2020: Andi McClanahan
2020-2021: Priscilla Hobbs-Penn

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