Conference Policies

Currently questions and answers around NEPCA’s policies regarding the conference.

  • What does NEPCA expect of conference presenters?
  • Can undergraduate students submit proposals for the NEPCA Conference?
  • What is NEPCA’s policy on refunds?
  • Does NEPCA penalize no-shows?
  • Does NEPCA allow vendors to display at its annual conferences?
  • Can vendors display wares if they do not attend?
  • Does NEPCA allow attendees to promote their own work?

What does NEPCA expect of conference presenters?

NEPCA volunteers labor long and hard to craft the best possible conference program. In return, NEPCA expects those who have agreed to present to take personal responsibility for:

  • Securing any external funding necessary to underwrite their attendance
  • That individuals whose papers are accepted will actually attend the conference or will decline NEPCA’s invitation before pre-registration ends
  • That any individual who must cancel will notify the Program Chair and appropriate Area Chair immediately

Can undergraduate students submit proposals for the NEPCA Conference?

YES! We encourage undergraduate students to submit proposals as we like to promote the study of popular culture at all levels.  However, undergraduate students must have a faculty sponsor who vouches for the student’s work and proposal.  The faculty sponsor’s name, email, and position at an institute should be included in the brief bio section of the CFP.

 What is NEPCA’s policy on refunds?

 NEPCA has no control over the fixed costs associated with its conferences. Our vendors charge NEPCA a per capita rate that is the same whether or not an individual actually attends the conference. With this in mind, NEPCA’s policy on refunds is as follows:

  • NEPCA cannot issue refunds to those who register for the conference and do not attend.
  • NEPCA will consider refunds in bonafide emergency situations, but these are the discretion of the NEPCA Executive Council.

 Does NEPCA penalize no-shows?

NEPCA understands that there are some circumstances beyond one’s control. The organization seeks to be understanding of those who do the courtesy of alerting conference organizers of emergencies and other misfortunes that prevent attendance.

On the other hand, NEPCA takes a dim view of individuals that simply don’t show up. The following policies are in order:

  • No refund will be issued for ex post facto contacts.
  • NEPCA will reject future paper proposals for a period of three years.
  • NEPCA will notify INS if a foreign presenter has traveled to the United States under a special visa and does not attend the conference.
  • NEPCA is often contacted by deans, chairs, advisors, and others to verify attendance. It will not “cover” for those who do not attend.
  • NEPCA is sometimes asked by other organizations to share names of non-attendees.

Does NEPCA allow vendors to display at its annual conferences?

NEPCA welcomes publishers and other vendors who wish to display their wares at its annual conference. The following conditions apply:

The vendor must complete the form below and mail it to: Rob Weir, NEPCA Executive Secretary, 15 Woods Road, Florence, MA 01062 and enclose a registration fee of $100.

  1. The vendor assumes all responsibility for transporting materials to the conference, setting up displays, staffing the site, tearing down displays, and removing all items at the rise of the conference.
  2. Please note: NEPCA’s nonprofit status prohibits if from collecting money directly or indirectly engaging in direct retail activity. Vendors must assume responsibility for all monetary transactions.


Please submit the above form and send $100 to our PayPal Account:  Or you can mail a check to:

NEPCA Executive Secretary
Lance Eaton
95 Melrose Street
Arlington, MA, 02474

 Can vendors display wares if they do not attend? 

 If a vendor wishes to display books or other items at a NEPCA conference, the organization will waive the fee in such cases providing that the following conditions are accepted:

  1. Vendors must ship all materials directly to the conference site. NEPCA cannot assume responsibility for transfers or pickups.
  2. Vendors should send only materials that can be displayed on flat tables. As an all-volunteer organization NEPCA does not have the personnel to assemble display racks or any other complicated set up.
  3. All materials will be considered donations to NEPCA. We cannot box and return items. Our policy is to assign books, DVDs, software, etc. to members for review in NEPCA Journal and to donate any items not assigned for review.

Vendors should contact Executive Secretary Rob Weir if they need information on NEPCA’s nonprofit status:

Does NEPCA allow attendees to promote their own work?  

NEPCA welcomes scholars that wish to advertise, promote, or sell their own books or other materials at annual conferences insofar as these materials are germane to the academic community. NEPCA is also happy to cooperate with nonprofit and nonpartisan organizations, community groups, and professional organizations. There is no fee for displays for individuals or nonprofit groups to display their materials.

 For-profit organizations must adhere to the NEPCA vendor polices outlined above.

The following conditions apply:

  1. NEPCA’s nonprofit status restricts it from handling money for any private individual or outside group. All monetary transactions are the sole responsibility of the individual or nonprofit organization.
  2. Individuals and groups are welcome to advertise conferences, promote professional organizations, issue calls for papers, and promote other scholarly pursuits. NEPCA cannot promote or advocate political or private agendas.
  3. NEPCA assumes no responsibility for the content of or security of any materials displayed or distributed.
  4. Individuals and organizations must transport or ship all books, flyers, brochures, and other materials to the conference site. Those attending the conference must assume responsibility for set ups and displays and must remove all materials and take down displays at the rise of the conference.
  5. Individuals and organizations mailing or shipping materials for display and not attending the conference should understand that NEPCA will display items that can be placed upon tables. NEPCA will not assemble display racks or any other complex set up.
  6. NEPCA will not return unclaimed items. These will be donated or discarded at the rise of the conference.
  7. Content and promotion is restricted to matters that are purely educational in content. As a nonprofit organization NEPCA is not allowed to engage in partisan political behavior. We also meet on college campuses that sometimes have very strict rules on outside advocacy.

Those who seek further information on NEPCA policies or wish details on how to ship materials should contact NEPCA Executive Secretary:

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