Graduate Student Paper Prize Winners

Past Winners of NEPCA Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper

Since 2014 NEPCA has  honored two graduate students for outstanding papers delivered at the previous fall’s conference: The Carol Mitchell Award and the Amos St. Germain Award. These prizes are named in honor of two pillars of NEPCA who helped make it into a vibrant organization. Prior to 2014, just one award was given.

Here is the list of past recipients:

2001: Diane Pecknold (Indiana University)



2004: Mike Chapman  (Boston College)

2005:  Helena Iles (University of Maryland)

2006:  Jamie Pietruska (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2007:  Brandon Hawk (University of Connecticut)

2008:  Aranath Amarasingam (Laurier-Waterloo University)

2009:  Kartik Nair (Jawaharlal Nehru University)

2010:  Veronica Vold (University of Oregon)

2011:  Lindsey Hanlon (Boston College)

2012:  Lita Tirak (College of William and Mary)

2013:  Lisa Silvestri (University of Iowa)

2014:  Jana Andrews (Arcadia University)–Amos St. Germain Prize

2014: Amelie Daigle (Boston College)–Carol Mitchell Prize

2015: Hilary Warner-Evans (University of Maine–Carol Mitchell Prize
2015: Ida Yalzadeh (Brown University)–Amos St. Germain Prize

2016:  Eren Odabasi (University of Massachusetts Amherst)–Carol Mitchell Prize
2016:   Nova Seals (St. George’s University)—Amos St. Germain Prize

2017: Kamila Young (University of Maryland)–Carol Mitchell Prize
2017: Megan Genovesse (University of Pennsylvania)–Amos St. Germain Prize

2018: Nia-Raquelle Smith–Carol Mitchell Prize
2018: Jessica Hautsch (Stony Brook University)–Amos St. Germain Prize

2019: Matthew Grinder (Union Institute & University)–Carol Mitchell Award
2019: Betsy Walters (Boston University)–Amos St. Germain Award

2020: Moira Armstrong (Kent State University)–Carol Miller Paper Prize
2020: Sharon Kong-Perring (Birmingham City University)–Germaine Paper Prize

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