CFP: The Body, Fashion, and Popular Culture – Northeast Popular and American Culture Association Fall Conference 2023

A chalk board with Scrabble tiles that spell out "Call for Papers"

The Northeast Popular/American Culture Association (NEPCA) The Body, Fashion, and Popular Culture Area invites presentation submissions for NEPCA’s hybrid conference to be held October 12 – October 14, 2023 in-person at Nichols College and virtually, via the Zoom platform. 

In alignment with this subject matter area at the national level:

The Body and Culture is concerned with the human body as text, both literal and discursive, and how the body’s production of meaning is socially, culturally, historically, psychologically, economically, and/or politically located. The meanings that culture writes onto bodies, the origins and constructions of those meanings, and the impact those meanings have on bodies so inscribed. We welcome topics of any nature dealing with the body, in the body’s most diverse meanings, including the absence of such.

Fashion and Culture looks at what covers and surrounds the body. All areas and aspects of style, fashion, clothing, design, and related trends, as well as appearances and and/or consumption including the: history, aesthetics, online marketing/branding including celebrity/influencer retailing, psychological/ sociological aspects of dress, image, including construction of personal and cultural identities, in addition to areas relating to purchasing, shopping or alternative sourcing of fashion.

The Body, Fashion, Popular Culture Area and You 

Papers, and other types of submissions, should address popular culture explicitly, while methodologies from across disciplines, cultural contexts, a variety of media and historical periods are all encouraged. This area accepts papers from undergraduate and graduate students, postgraduate researchers and practitioners, including full panels — innovative approaches to presentation are especially welcome.

If you have questions about this Area/the NEPCA Conference please see: or

feel free to reach out to NEPCA’S The Body, Fashion, and Popular Culture Area Chair: Angela J. Whyland at

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is August 1, 2023. Please use this form.

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