Two New Annual Awards

After discussion with the Executive Council and some strong advocacy within the membership, I am so very honored to announce two new awards that NEPCA will be supporting each year, dedicated to two of NEPCA’s strongest community members. If you are interested in serving on the inaugural award committees for both of these awards, please see the note below about getting involved and volunteering with NEPCA!

Robert Niemi Award for Scholarship

Robert Niemi

Named after Robert Niemi, a lifelong member of NEPCA since the 1980s, this award will recognize a NEPCA member who has contributed meaningful scholarship to the study of popular culture in the previous year. The award is meant to uplift and support the work and dedication of our members along with rewarding them for their commitment to NEPCA’s purpose.

Robert Weir Award for Community Engagement

Robert Weir

Named after Rob Weir, a lifelong member of NEPCA who led the organization for many years and continues to contribute to NEPCA, this award will recognize both NEPCA members and other scholars in the New England area that have committed to uplifting and supporting interdisciplinary communities as Rob has done so for decades.

We’re so happy to be able to both recognize the lifelong work by these members and to support future scholars in their work! If you would be interested in joining the awards committees for one or both of these words, please let us know. Please complete this short form and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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