#NEPCA2020 CFP: Film and History

A chalk board with Scrabble tiles that spell out "Call for Papers"Call for Papers for Film and History area for the 2020 Northeast Popular/American Culture Association (NEPCA) annual conference scheduled for Friday, October 23 – Saturday, October 24 at the Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Dr. Carol Mitchell; Area Chair of Film and History
Email: cmitchel@springfieldcollege.edu

 Call for Papers: Film and History. The annual fall conference of NEPCA will be held at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, New Hampshire on October 23-24, 2020.  Deadline for proposals is June 1, 2020. Visit the NEPCA website at: https://nepca.blog/conference/ for full information on proposal submission and registration.

Film and History welcomes presentations on a wide range of film topics contributing to popular culture.

Suggestions for topics include:

  • The effect of the Pandemic on the future of cinema
  • Global/social awareness through documentary film
  • Academy Awards’ nominations, policies and practices
  • Films portraying historical events with great accuracy or which provide fresh or controversial perspectives (e.g., Spotlight; BlacKkKlansman)
  • Films exploring the nature of complex characters or incorporating social, political, and cultural themes (e.g., heroism, friendship, injustice, racism, betrayal, ambition)
  • Film adaptations of other media, (i.e., novels, short stories, theatre) or from real life
  • Film genres, such as comedy, film noir, the Western, war film, or science fiction
  • Filmmaking and film directors (e.g., Scorsese’s portrayal of women)
  • History of the cinema and economic and cultural impacts of film on society

Please submit your paper proposals by following the 2020 Paper Proposals link at: https://nepca.blog/conference/ by June 1, 2020.

NEPCA presentations are generally 15-20 minutes in length and may be delivered either formally or informally. As Area Chair of Film and History, I am happy to preview your proposal.

NEPCA prides itself on holding conferences that emphasize sharing ideas in a non-competitive and supportive environment consisting of graduate students, independent scholars, junior faculty, and senior scholars.

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