CFP: Crime and Scandal in Fact and Fiction for NEPCA

A chalk board with Scrabble tiles that spell out "Call for Papers"

  • 2019 Conference of the Northeast Popular & American Culture Association (NEPCA)
  • Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel in Portsmouth, NH, Friday, 15 November, – Saturday, 16 November
  • Proposals due by 1 June 2019

Crime and Scandal in Fact and Fiction welcomes proposals that explore actual crime, the representation of crime in culture, and fictional crime. Scandals of all sorts are also explored, as is the presentation of scandals in any medium. Any of these themes can be explored in isolation or intersectional studies can explore the interactions between these areas. This area is currently being developed and innovation is invited. Any topic which can be reasonably fit into the broad concept of crime and/or scandal is welcome. Some suggested topics within this area are:

  • An analysis of crime and/or scandal within a culture
  • How a culture represents crime and/or scandal
  • How crime fiction and/or scandal fiction is influenced by actual crime and/or scandal (or vice versa)
  • How a culture responds to crime and/or scandal
  • Factual crime and/or scandal that is taboo for fictional representation
  • Crime fans and/or scandal fans
  • Fiction for this area covers any form of media, including literature, movies, theater, newspapers, television, music, and art.

Proposals for individual papers as well as complete panels are welcome. Please submit your paper through the NEPCA online submission form located on the conference website.

For more information, visit the NEPCA website at or contact the NEPCA area chair for Crime and Scandal in Fact and Fiction. Joe Baumstarck, at


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