CFP: Belief and Popular Culture

A chalk board with Scrabble tiles that spell out "Call for Papers"The NEPCA area, Belief and Popular Culture, welcomes all papers and multimedia presentations that explore the theme of belief and/in popular culture in its several dimensions: folk and popular belief systems; contemporary myths and myth-making; popular belief in history; artifacts and material culture of popular belief systems; belief and media; belief and art, and the intersection of popular belief(s) with gender/ class/ sexuality/ race/ geography.

For the 2019 NEPCA, the Belief and Popular Culture area is also issuing a special call, “Belief in the Age of Trump.”  

Over the last few years during the Trump presidency, cultural/ religious/ ethical “norms’ have been recalibrated according to the needs and whims of the political agenda and the political personalities that have dominated the news. The BELIEF area welcomes papers and multimedia presentations that address the range of themes of the BELIEF area during the Age of Trump.

In the Age of Trump,” some questions (there are many more!) naturally arise:

  • What is/are the consequence(s) of the collusion between religion and politics in the Age of Trump?
  • Has a new American myth emerged during the Age of Trump?
  • What has been the effect of Trump’s presidency on visual religious culture?
  • What effect has the Age of Trump had upon religion/ science conversation?
  • How have non-Christian religious communities been portrayed in the media (film/TV/virtual/etc.) during the Age of Trump?
  • What accounts for the increased imaging of the AntiChrist in popular/ religious culture during the Age of Trump?

Proposals for individual papers as well as complete panels are welcome.  Please submit your paper through the NEPCA online submission form located on the conference website:

For more information, visit the NEPCA website at or contact the NEPCA area chair for Belief and Popular Culture, June-Ann Greeley.


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