Call for Volunteers

Scrabble tiles on a black background, spelling out "Now Calling"As we’re getting ready for our Fall 2019 conference, we’ve put out the Call for Proposals but we’re also looking for a few more volunteers for the following positions.

2019 Program Chair

This position is a key position to the successful running of the conference.  The responsibilities include the following:

  1. Organizes the conference schedule into panels based upon accepted proposals.
  2. Organizes additional local arrangements beyond the conference hotel (additional affordable places to stay; local interest activities, places to eat in close proximity to the conference location).  
  3. Communicates with the Executive Secretary and President to update list of registered attendees and presenters.  
  4. Serves as a member of the Executive Council

Area Chairs

Area Chairs are the heart of NEPCA, encouraging graduate students, independent scholars, faculty, and even undergraduate students to present and attend the conference within a specialized area in popular culture.  We’re currently looking for three area chairs:

  • Music
  • Politics, Civic Life and Popular Culture
  • War, Peace and Culture

You can check out the descriptions of these area to get a sense of the area (also note, that the area descriptions are not fixed and open to being reworking if you take up the area) but can also see below as to the general responsibilities (you can stay on as an Area Chair for a year or longer).

Area Chair Responsibilities

Solicit proposals in your area for the upcoming NEPCA conference.

  1. Advertise regularly for proposals.
  2. Occasionally go into the shared folder of submitted CFPs to evaluate them for worthiness and recommend to the Program Chair whether or not a proposal should be included in the conference
  3. If you have enough good proposals to fashion an entire panel (generally, this would be three 20-minute presentations), recommend that panel to the Program Chair.
  4. Attend the fall NEPCA conference and chair a panel devoted to your area.

For additional details, check out the Area Chair page.  

If you are interested in any of these or want to recommend someone, please reach out to the Executive Secretary, Lance Eaton.

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