Call for Contributors

A chalkboard with "Come Write For Us" in scrabble letters.As we mentioned in the recent post and in our recent email to the membership, we’re looking to use this site to share more work by our membership.  You can always find those on the page, Writing for NEPCA.  However, we thought we would share them here too so that you get a sense of the kinds of writing opportunities we hope you’ll consider contributing to.  Below are the explanations but for more details on format and other things, be sure to go to the Writing for NEPCA page.


Book & Other Media Reviews

Assignment vs. Request

In general, we are happy to entertain requests to review books, documentaries, audiobooks, podcast series/seasons, popular culture resources such as websites or exhibits, or other interesting resources that are new and recent works (and sometimes, even older works). In such cases of requests, the responsibility will be upon the reviewer to acquire access to the work being reviewed.  

If you are interested in reviewing and open to what works we have available, be sure to sign up to be a reviewer and let us know what your preferences are:

 Teaching Ideas

We are looking for how you use popular culture in your teaching.  Many of us are educators and employ pop culture in cool and interesting ways.  Maybe you’ve found a way to leverage the Harry Potter books into your discussion of Chemistry or you have a great way of students understanding Shakespeare through House of Cards?  We want to hear from what you’re doing so that others can learn and put your work into practice.

 Research Notes

While we are not a publication for peer-review articles, we do want to promote the research and work that our members are doing and help them develop their own digital footprint of scholarship.  After all, between the applying for a position and the interview, there is the Google search. Sharing your current research projects allows you to establish that digital trail to illustrate you are actively engaged in academic discussion in your field.  To that end, we will be opening up the opportunity for NEPCA members to publish entries on our website called “Research Notes”–which can be considered extended abstracts of presentations or papers that you have recently delivered or published or are currently working on.  

 Scholars Speak (Interviews)

We think our community can thrive when we hear more directly from scholars in the field about the work they are doing and learn directly from them.  To that end, we want to start interview scholars about their most recently published work, forthcoming work, or even their vast-range of works, if they are a well-established scholar.   

We also want to provide a platform for scholars to talk about their research and so we are looking for people who are interested in interviewing scholars who have recently published works.  The goal will be to engage the scholar in their work, its tenants and its relation to popular culture (when not entirely evident). For more established members, this may be an opportunity to talk with new colleagues or find people with which collaborate.  For newer scholars, this could be an opportunity to meet some of the scholars in your field and expand your network.

For more information on any of these, visit the Writing for NEPCA page.

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