CFP: Sports and Sexual Violation

CFP: “The Psychology and History of Sexual Violation in Sport and Its Condemnation”

by Bob Lentz

Journal: Clio’s Psyche, Fall 2018 Special Feature Issue

Due Date: April 30, 2018

Why has sexual violation by powerful men in sport (recently gymnastics, previously hockey)—covered up, denied, suppressed, and repressed for so long—become a powerful theme in the American media since the fall of 2017?  Why are coaches, trainers, and doctors, whose predecessors usually got away with sexual assault, now being exposed, shamed, forced to resign, and convicted for unwanted touching and worse?  In the Fall 2018 Special Feature Issue of Clio’s Psyche we are searching for psychodynamic answers and are looking now for articles commenting on one or more of the following:

  • The athlete-victims’ feelings and trauma
  • The varied responses to charges of sexual abuse – especially denial and inaction by parents and officials
  • The Dr. Larry Nassar case
  • Ethical, competency, and certification issues from a psychological perspective
  • Why in America and why now have the barriers to making these issues public broken down?
  • Is the openness about these abuses related to Donald Trump and the Trump presidency?
  • The #MeToo movement
  • Cases of a rush to judgment without due process, ruining a person’s career
  • Fantasies of sexual intrusion
  • Sexual abuse and sexual fantasy in the Freudian tradition
  • Sexual privilege and violation in the history of sport

We seek articles from 500-2,500 words—including seven to ten keywords, a 100-word abstract, and your brief biography ending in your e-mail address—by April 30, 2018.  An abstract or outline by April 1, 2018 or soon thereafter would be helpful.  Send them as attached Microsoft Word document (*.docx) files to

It our style to publish thought-provoking, clearly written articles based upon psychological/psychoanalytic insight; developed with examples from history, current events, and the human experience; and without psychoanalytic/psychological terminology or jargon and without foot/endnotes or a bibliography (use internal citations for quotations).  Submissions the editors deem suitable are anonymously refereed.

Clio’s Psyche is in its 24th year of publication by the Psychohistory Forum.  Please visit our website at

Contact co-editors Paul Elovitz, PhD, at or Eva Fogelman, PhD, at regarding this CFP.

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