Hockey Conference

The Hockey Conference is a biennial event held at various locations throughout North America. It has instrumentally advanced scholarship on ice hockey, and brings together hockey scholars and community members interested in or working in hockey. The upcoming conference will be hosted by Dr. Cheryl A. MacDonald of the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Education in Edmonton, Canada.

The conference committee invites abstract submissions from scholars in various fields whose work engages with the sport of hockey, in all its diverse forms, in a multitude of ways. These can include, but are not limited to, historical, empirical, conceptual, and artistic approaches to the sport. This is the second and last call for abstracts; please submit them to Dr. Cheryl MacDonald at by Friday March 16th. A key theme of the conference is diversity and inclusion; however, all abstracts are most welcome.


Hockey is played and experienced in variety of manners. In some ways, it is ever changing. In others, it remains timelessly the same. Like many aspects of the social world, it can be influenced by factors such as globalization, the economic market, health and safety concerns, and the identities of those participating in it. Although diversity and inclusion will be highlighted, the conference will provide an interdisciplinary forum for researchers to present their work and facilitate discussion surrounding topics such as the following:


  • Analytics                                                                                                    –    History
  • Business and economics                                                                          –    Literature
  • Coaching                                                                                                   –    Management
  • Community building and development                                                      –    Media
  • Embodiment and ability                                                                             –    Popular culture
  • Family                                                                                                        –    Race and ethnicity
  • Gender and sexuality                                                                                 –    And more…
  • Globalization



–      Abstracts should be 150-250 words and include a presentation title
–      Please provide your name, institutional affiliation, and contact information on the abstract
–      Multiple abstract submissions are permitted
–      The final deadline is Friday March 16th
–       Submissions and questions can be directed to Cheryl MacDonald at

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