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2017 Conference Schedule

Here is the schedule as it actually happened in October. As in the case of every conference, we had a small percentage of no-shows (for reasons legitimate and not). NEPCA urges deans, department chairs, and others to consult the page if you need to verify the participation of a faculty member or student.

Note: This page will be on view for the rest of 2017. It will be retired in January.


 Session I: Friday, October 27, 1:00-2:30pm


PANEL 1 – CC 803 – The Fantastic: Horrors Past and Present

CHAIR: Amie Doughty, SUNY Oneonta

“Horrifying Mythical Obstacles: Masculine Anxieties and Alternate Gazes in Robert Eggers’s The Witch (2015),” Dustin Fisher, University of Cincinnati

“Images of the Indigenous Monster in The Green Inferno (2013),” Erica Tortolani, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“The Decomposing Youths and the Revival of the Zombies in Contemporary Korea,” Ha Rim Park, Seoul National University

“The Bunhill Apocalypse: Robert Aickman’s ‘Larger than Oneself’ (1966) as a Post-Christian Metaphor,” Steffen Silvis, University of Wisconsin-Madison


PANEL 2 – CC 805-09 – Film & History: Identity Factors

CHAIR: Megan Genovese, University of Pennsylvania

The Wizard of Oz: Images that Speak to Gay Boys,” Dee Michel, Independent Scholar

“Prestige Cinema and Historical Queer Rehabilitation,” Audrey Black, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Reception of Hindi Films by the Indian Diaspora in the US,” Eren Odabasi, University of Massachusetts Amherst


PANEL 3 – CC 804-08 – American Literature I

CHAIR: Mark Madigan, Nazareth College

“Femme Non-Fatal: Holding’s Noir Classic The Blank Wall,” K. A. Laity, College of St. Rose

“Philip Wylie and the Clash of the Modern,” Louis Mazzari, CUNY LaGuardia Community College

“Corruption of the Innocent in Social Problem Fiction,” David Rochefort, Northeastern University


PANEL 4 – CC 903 – Digital Media: Historical Issues

CHAIR: Shelly Jones, SUNY Delhi

“Videogame Poetics: Return of the Avant-Pop,” Adam Crowley, Husson University

Comedy Bang Bang’s Aesthetics: Notes Towards a Podcast Canon,” Paul Arras, SUNY Cortland


PANEL 5 – CC 904 – Politics and Civic Life

CHAIR: none

“Mapping a Catalytic 1930s (Jewish) Communist Public Sphere,” Joel Saxe, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Muslims and Terror in US Popular Culture,” Neelofer Qadir, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“The Intersection of Pop Culture and Political Activism in The Handmaid’s Tale,” Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania


PANEL 6 – CC 905-09 – Gender & Sexuality I

CHAIR: Don Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University

“Embracing the ‘Dumb Blonde’: Navigating Identity in Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” Krista Aldrich, North Dakota State University

“Heart-of-Gold in the Heteronormative Body Market; Belle du Jour’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” Marisa Carter, Western Washington University

“Battling for Equality: Sexuality vs. Skill in the UFC,” Jennifer Drissel, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg


PANEL 7 – CC 911-15 – Health, Disease, & Physical Culture

CHAIR: Carol-Ann Farkas, MCPHS University

“JFK and the 50-Mile Hike Phenomenon,” Richard Preiss, Suffolk University

“Undetectable: Representation, Temporality, and AIDS Archives,” Marika Cifor, Bowdoin College

“Death Makes a Sign, After All,” Emily West, University of Massachusetts Amherst



Session II: Friday, October 27, 2:45-4:15pm


PANEL 8 – CC 803 – The Fantastic: Meeting Monsters

CHAIR: Michael A. Torregrossa, Independent Scholar

“‘Everything That Ought to Have Remained Hidden’: Sublimation and the Uncanny in Anya’s Ghost (2011),” Shane Gomes, North Dakota State University

“Murder, Reproduction, and Bad Women in Junji Ito’s Tomie,” Rahel Worku, University of Maryland

“A Trekkie’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse,” Cinzia DiGiulio, Merrimack College

“Scientists Become Monsters: The Strain’s Dr. Goodweather,” Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State University


PANEL 9 – CC 805-09 – Film & History: Film Adaptations

CHAIR: Eren Odabasi, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“From Print To Film: American Actuality Films (1896-1901),” Alex Bordino, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Women Adapting Life, Literature, and Film in the 1920s,” Alan Ginsberg, Columbia University

Inherent Vice: Entropy, Heat Death, and Ethics,” Gary Vaspol, Salve Regina University


PANEL 10 – CC 804-08 – American Literature II

CHAIR: Anthony G. Cirilla, Niagara University

“The Notorious E.E.D.: Rap in the Poems of Emily Dickinson,” Holly Norton, University of Northwestern Ohio

“Cultural Appropriation in Tony Hillerman’s Navajo Narratives,” Eve Kornfeld, San Diego State University

“Klay’s Redeployment: Home in a 21st Century War Story,” David Downey, Wentworth Institute of Technology


PANEL 11 – CC 903 – Digital Media: Identities, Roles, and Relationships

CHAIR: Erica Tortolani, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Blinded by the Roll: The Critical Fail of Disability in D&D,” Shelly Jones, SUNY Delhi

“The Perception of ‘Black’ on Turkish Twitosphere,” Bilge Narin, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dark Souls 3’s Phallocentric Messaging System,” Stephanie Jennings, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Mystic Messenger and the Future of Parasocial Romance,” Kim Khanh Tran, York University


PANEL 12 – CC 904 – Humor

CHAIR: Kraig Larkin, Colby-Sawyer College

“The Hitler Rant Parody Phenomenon,” Robert Niemi, St. Michael’s College

The Great Dictator and Saturday Night Live,” Amanda Salmon, Belmont University


PANEL 13 – CC 905-09 – Gender & Sexuality II

CHAIR: Carol-Ann Farkas, MCPHS University

“Queer Kids in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” Elizabeth Light, Fordham University

“LGBT Representation in The Office and The Mindy Project,” Meaghan Loraas, Texas State University

“Stop Killing Fictional Lesbians,” Nicole Rizzuto, Drew University


PANEL 14 – CC 911-15 – Teaching Hip-Hop: Boosting Student Agency

CHAIR: Kellie Deys, Nichols College

Roundtable/workshop presenters (all from Nichols College): Kellie Deys, James Deys, Cathy Temple



Session III: Friday, October 27, 4:30-6:00pm


PANEL 15 – CC 803 – The Fantastic: Re-envisioning the Hero in Fantastic Fiction

CHAIR: Shane Gomes, North Dakota State University

“Happy Endings: Frankenstein’s Creature as a Romantic Lead,” Maggie Damken, Independent Scholar

“Guinevere, the Warrior Queen of Camelot?: The Altered Fate of Guinevere in Recent Comics,” Michael A. Torregrossa, Independent Scholar


PANEL 16 – CC 805-09 – Film & History: Memorable Images and Sounds

CHAIR: Carol Mitchell, Springfield College

“The Legal Journey of Nothing Sacred,” Claudy Op den Kamp, Bournemouth University

“Affective Sound in Fassbinder’s In a Year with Thirteen Moons,” Ryan LaLiberty, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Towering Infernos, Smoldering Anxieties,” Randy Laist, Goodwin College

“@IAmJacksBot: Exploring Twitter Bots for Cult Film Tributes,” Randall Livingstone, Endicott College


PANEL 17 – CC 804-08 – World Literature: Gaiman and the Grimms

CHAIR: Susan Gorman, MCPHS University

“The Chronotope of The Graveyard Book,” Caroline Kidd, Texas State University

“Adapting Grimm: Points of Convergence, Divergence, Departure,” Matthew Jones, County College of Morris

American Gods: Postmodern Epic or a Marker of Epic’s Demise?,” Susan Gorman, MCPHS University


PANEL 18 – CC 903 – Philosophy and Pop Culture: Philosophy and Popular Poetics

CHAIR: Anthony G. Cirilla, Niagara University

“Philosophy of Mind and Subalternity in To Pimp a Butterfly,” Austin Lillywhite, Cornell University

“Slam Poetry and Collective Reasoning,” Micah Isser, Independent Scholar

“‘Chill’ Moderation and Feminine Loudness,” Robin James, UNC Charlotte

“Medieval Philosophy and Saving Fame in the Videogame MediEvil,” Anthony G. Cirilla, Niagara University


PANEL 19 – CC 904 – Marketing and Advertising

CHAIR: Kraig Larkin, Colby-Sawyer College

“Don’t Put TV in the Corner: Accepting the Tube at Home,” Jennifer Hackney, Smithsonian-GW Corcoran Decorative Arts and Design History

“Princesses and Pirates: Disney’s Commodification of Childhood,” Priscilla Hobbs, Southern New Hampshire University

“The Impact of Female Empowerment in Advertising,” Victoria Drake, New York University

“Retail Therapy: The Cultural Importance of the Shopping Mall,” Allison McBride, Independent Scholar


PANEL 20 – CC 905-09 – Gender & Sexuality III

CHAIR: Don Gagnon, Western Connecticut State University Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

“Gendered Leisure in Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Cards,” Stephanie Kolberg, MCPHS University

“The Mother Tongue: Narratives of Race, Maternity and ‘Deviance,’” Stephanie Kaylor, European Graduate School

“Wonder Women: The Radical Impact of Cinematic S/Heroes,” April Heaslip, Southern New Hampshire University


PANEL 21 – CC 911-15 Food & Foodways: International Cuisine

CHAIR: Terry Hamblin, SUNY Delhi

“Crime Cuisine: Food in International Detective Fiction,” Cecilia Macheski, CUNY LaGuardia Community College

“The Russians Are Cooking! Russian Food in 20th Century US,” Ann Kordas, Johnson & Wales University

“Cosmos a la Carte: The Food Travel Show as World Literature,” Steven Herran, CUNY Graduate Center

“Feasting on Fandom: Identity & the ‘Unofficial’ Fan Cookbook,” Jennifer Dutch, York College




Plenary Presentation:

“25 Years of Critical Pedagogy: The Media Education Foundation and Independent Film”


Sut Jhally

Professor of Communication, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Founder and Executive Director, Media Education Foundation


Communication “Hub,” 3rd floor, Integrative Learning Center

Friday, October 27



Sut Jhally is an award-winning teacher and celebrated expert on the roles that advertising and popular culture play in social control and identity construction. He has produced more than 40 documentary films and videos dealing with issues ranging from gender, sexuality, and race to commercialism and violence. He has also published extensively on topics relating to communication, culture, advertising, and consumption.




Saturday, October 28



Continental Breakfast

Amherst Room

10th Floor, Campus Center




Session IV: Saturday, October 28, 8:45-10:15am


PANEL 22 – CC 803 – The Fantastic: New Approaches to the Fantastic

CHAIR: Nova Seals, Salve Regina University

The Princess Bride and Slavoj Žižek’s Fantasy of the Real,” Heather Flyte, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

“Madness and Mixed-Bloods: Racial Metaphors in Seanan McGuire’s October Daye Series,” Amie Doughty, SUNY Oneonta

“Heredity and the Hero: The Role of Heredity in Shaping Popular Heroes and Why It Matters,” Cheryl Hunter, University of Massachusetts Lowell


PANEL 23 – CC 805-09 – Television: Masculine Identities, Roles, and Personas

CHAIR: Cinzia DiGiulio, Merrimack College

“TV’s ‘G-Men’: Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Brilliant,” Jacqueline Brown, Independent Scholar

“Uprooting Roots: Race in The Richard Pryor Special?,” Jacob Walters, Cornell University

“Greed and Goomahs: Toxic Masculinity in TV’s New Golden Age,” Alexandra M. Lucas, Independent Scholar


PANEL 24 – CC 804-08 – Global Cultures

CHAIR: Stephanie Kaylor, European Graduate School

“When Private Knitting Becomes Public Art,” Carmen McClish, St. Anselm College

“Dance and Literature: The Brazilian Immigrant,” Nora Vaz de Mello, Federal Center of Technological Education/CEFET-MG

“Globalization, Bakhtin, and ‘Tiki Culture’ in the US,” Eric Silverman, Wheelock College


PANEL 25 – CC 903 – History and the Uses of the Past

CHAIR: Terry Hamblin, SUNY Delhi

“Indian Hill: Re-imagining America’s Beautiful Past,” Amy Lenoce, Naugatuck Valley Community College

“Disaster on Display: A Case Study,” Cheryl Harned, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Architecture’s War on Terror: Gulf Futurism,” Joseph Donica, Bronx Community College


PANEL 26 – CC 904 – Suicide and Pop Culture I

CHAIR: Mike Alvarez, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“‘It Happens All the Time’: The Werther Effect of Eric Steel’s The Bridge,” Brennan Thomas, St. Francis University

“Audience Reception of ‘Real Live’ Suicide on,” Mike Alvarez, University of Massachusetts Amherst


PANEL 27 – CC 905-09 – Music: Conflicts and Transitions

CHAIR: Brian Wright, Fairmont State University

“‘I Think Al Qaeda Sent Them’: The Nickelback Hate Assemblage,” Ryan Tsapatsaris, University of Pennsylvania

“Actually Listening: Nickelback’s Musical Bona Fides,” Frank Rein, Independent Scholar

“Don’t Know Much About History: And We Don’t Care!,” John Dougan, Middle Tennessee State University

“Abuela Claudia Beats the Odds in In the Heights,” Geraldine Wagner, Johnson & Wales University


PANEL 28 – CC 911-15 – Teaching and Pop Culture: Pop Culture in the Classroom

CHAIR: Karen Honeycutt, Keene State College

“Constructing a Pedagogy of Identity Through Gonzo the Magnificent,” Christopher Ketcham, University of Houston Downtown

“Heroes and Superheroes: Pop Lit and Writing Studies,” Charlee Sterling, Goucher College

“Teaching Professional Ethics through Superhero Comic Books,” Chris McGunnigle, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

“Teaching Sociology Through TV: An Update,” Karen Honeycutt, Keene State College



Session V: Saturday, October 28, 10:30am-noon


PANEL 29 – CC 803 – The Fantastic: Re-Thinking the Monstrous

CHAIR: Heather Flyte, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

“‘If You’re So Hungry, Why Don’t You Get a Job?’: Patrick Bateman as Neoliberal Monster and Hero in American Psycho,” Caitlin Duffy, Stony Brook University

“Tackling the Femme: The Psycho-Biddy Genre,” James Patrick Carraghan, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

“The Aesthetics of Abjection in Anna Dressed in Blood (2011),” Nova Seals, Salve Regina University

“The Brides of Dracula Tell All: Dracula as Romantic Protagonist in Recent Neo-Victorian Fiction,” Terry Riley, Bloomsburg University


PANEL 30 – CC 805-09 – Television: Female Embodiments

CHAIR: Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

“Nolite te carborundorum bastardes, Bitches: The Handmaid’s Tale,” Rebecca Carpenter, McDaniel College

“‘It Isn’t That I am a Purist’: A Case Study in Appropriation,” Megan Genovese, University of Pennsylvania

“Pregnancy and Motherhood in Little Women and Total Divas,” Marla Harris, Independent Scholar

“Supergirl and Lena Luthor: Constructing Personas,” Johanna Church, Johnson & Wales University


PANEL 31 – CC 804-08 – Sports: Race and Sports

CHAIR: Dennis Gildea, Springfield College

Depictions of Race in Early Sports Media,” Brian Sheehy, North Andover High School

Black Baseball in Louisville, Kentucky,” Joe Baumstarck, University of Louisville

Taking ‘the Crookeds with the Straights’: Baseball in the Play and Film Fences,” Philip Wedge, University of Kansas


PANEL 32 – CC 903 – War, Peace, and Culture

CHAIR: Rob Weir, NEPCA Executive Secretary

“Disability and Gender Essentialism in Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” Victoria Parker, University of New Hampshire

“Prime Time Vet: The Vietnam Veteran on Television,” Shawn Driscoll, Independent Scholar


PANEL 33 – CC 904 – Suicide and Pop Culture II

CHAIR: Mike Alvarez, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Dreaming of ‘Life After Death’ When You’re ‘Ready to Die’: Notorious B.I.G. and the Sonic Construction of Black Afterlives,” Andrew Belton, UNC Chapel Hill

“Durkheim and Freud: Competing Narratives of Suicides,” Aaron Botwick, CUNY Graduate Center

“When Masculinity Fell On Black Days: Media Representations of Male Celebrity Suicides 1994-Present,” Kathryn Rinehart, North Dakota State University


PANEL 34 – CC 905-09 – Music: Beyond Genre and Gender Limits

CHAIR: Amanda Scherbenske, Eugene Lang College – The New School

“Listen to the Racket: Lesbian Reggaeton Across the Americas,” Elena Igartubutu, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Sexual Queerness and Moral Agency in R&B Culture,” Marlon Moore, US Naval Academy

“Postgenre as Reparative Practice,” Amanda Scherbenske, Eugene Lang College – The New School


PANEL 35 – CC 911-15 – Teaching and Pop Culture: Pedagogic Strategies

CHAIR: Nicole A. Heller, Siena College

“Wanna Play? Creative Strategies for Teaching Pop Culture,” Lance Eaton, Brandeis University/North Shore Community College

“Challenges of Media Representation in the Media Classroom,” Erin Waggoner, University of Connecticut

“Compare and Contrast in Sakai Lessons,” Julie Ann DeCesare, Providence College

“Course Design in the Age of Trump,” Daniel Mulcare, Salem State University




NEPCA Annual Luncheon and Business Meeting

Marriott Center

11th Floor, Campus Center



Marty Norden, NEPCA Conference Program Chair

John McCarthy, Acting Provost & Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs,

UMass Amherst


Distribution of awards:

The Carol Mitchell Prize, presented by Andi McClanahan

The Amos St. Germain Prize, presented by Andi McClanahan

The Peter C. Rollins Book Award, presented by Marty Norden


Meeting wrap-up:

Rob Weir, NEPCA Executive Secretary and Treasurer






Session VI: Saturday, October 28, 1:30-3pm


PANEL 36 – CC 803 – The Fantastic: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: 199 Years Old and Still Going Strong

CHAIR: Kristine Larsen, Central Connecticut State University

Frankenstein and the Real: A Psychoanalytic Look at Power and the Unconscious,” Emilie Lewis, Simmons College

“Coexistence of Gender Binaries: Bisexualism in Frankenstein,” Christopher Maye, California State University, Long Beach

“Modern Prometheus Bound,” Dennin Ellis, Independent Scholar


PANEL 37 – CC 805-09 – Television: Politics and Social Order

CHAIR: Andi McClanahan, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Beto Rockfeller: Popular Culture Under Brazil’s Military Dictatorship,” Thamyris Almeida, Brown University

“Persian-American Identity in Bravo TV’s Shahs of Sunset,” Lauren Silber, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“All in the Game: Foucault, Bourdieu, and The Wire,” Valerie Saturen, William Paterson University

“Instruments of Social Order in HBO’s Deadwood,” Nadum, Boston University


PANEL 38 – CC 804-08 – Sports: Global and Political Perspectives

CHAIR: Dennis Gildea, Springfield College

Athlete Activism: An Historical Review,” Linda K. Fuller, Worcester State University

A ‘Difficult’ History’s Derby: Poland-Russia at EURO 2012,” Martin Kozon, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“Mulatto Soccer: Race and National Identity in Contemporary Brazil,” Tiago Maranhão, Vanderbilt University

‘Soldiering’ On: Thai Female Athletes and National Heroes,” Sukrittaya Jukping, Thammasat University, Bangkok


PANEL 39 – CC 903 – Comics/Graphic Novels: War Topics

CHAIR: Audrey Black, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Retconning Magneto within Holocaust Memory Studies,” Joshua Roeder, Drew University

“Reporting for Duty: Census and Diversity in G.I. Joe Comics,” Wade Simpson, Bennington College

“‘This Crummy War’: War Comics and Vietnam, 1965-2016,” Stephen Connor, Nipissing University

“The Demythologizing of the Soldier,” William Price, Brandeis University


PANEL 40 – CC 904 – Ethnicity and Race: International Issues

CHAIR: Joe Baumstarck, University of Louisville

“‘Gross and Racist’? Sam Harris and Liberal Islamophobia,” Yusef Hayes, North Shore Community College

“What’s in a Name: Rivière Niger, a Racial Epithet, or the Noblesse and Beauty of Africa,” Robert MacGregor, Bishop’s University

“Making Waves: The Culture-Nature Relationship in Disney’s Moana,” Colby Miyose, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“The Politics of Provincialism in Disney’s Princess Movies,” Marilyn Squier, Independent Scholar


PANEL 41 – CC 905-09 – Music: Hardware, Techniques, and Strategies

CHAIR: Cory Matieyshen, Independent Scholar

“Rethinking Popular Music History Via the Electric Bass,” Brian Wright, Fairmont State University

“Transparent Sound: The Klon Centaur and Neoliberal Ethics,” Matt Brounley, Stony Brook University

“DJ Screw’s Mixtapes and the Poetics of Representing Houston,” Matthew Carter, CUNY Graduate Center

“Making Old New Again: Charles K. Harris and Musical Synergy,” Alex Lawler, Case Western Reserve University





Session VII: Saturday, October 28, 3:15-4:45pm


PANEL 43 – CC 803 – The Fantastic: New England Horrors

CHAIR: Amie Doughty, SUNY Oneonta

“Body Horror in Lovecraft Fiction and Film,” Shastri Akella, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“The Dead Past in New England Vernacular Poetry,” N. C. Christopher Couch, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Tilting at Vampires,” Katie Gagnon, Independent Scholar


PANEL 44 – CC 805-09 – Television: Audiences, Their Practices, and Domestic Spaces

CHAIR: Megan Genovese, University of Pennsylvania

“Push Pin Projects (PPPs) in Television and Cinema,” Benjamin Miller, Queensborough Community College

“The Role of the Internet in Modern Fandoms of Pre-Internet TV,” Laura C. Brown, Boston University

“Dexter at Home: Domesticated Monster / Ideal Father,” Stan Pelkey, Florida State University


PANEL 45 – CC 804-08 – Psychology and Pop Culture

CHAIR: Nicole A. Heller, Siena College

Gestalt Theory in the Face of the Popular Music,” Mahdi Kammoun, Higher Institute of Music, Sfax, Tunisia

Color Me Restless: Defying the Rhetoric of Adult Coloring,” Terri Toles-Patkin, Eastern Connecticut State University

“How Real Is Reel?: The Aftermath of Divorce in Crazy Stupid Love,” M. J. Wraga, Smith College


PANEL 46 – CC 903 — Comics/Graphic Novels: Current Trends

CHAIR: Joseph Donica, Bronx Community College

“Wait Here While I Cover the Story: Flash and 2-Career Couples,” Charles Henebry, Boston University

“‘A Great Museum of Memories’: Paco Roca’s La casa,” Sarah Harris, Bennington College


PANEL 47 – CC 904 – Ethnicity and Race: The Construction of Blackness

CHAIR: Cory Matieyshen, Independent Scholar

“They Dared to Cross the Color Line,” William Foster, Naugatuck Valley Community College

“Monstrous Sexuality in Prime Time,” Kalima Young, Towson University

Steel: Representing a Black Hero from Comics to Film,” Yann Descamps, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3


PANEL 48 – CC 905-09 – Music: Transformation and Reception

CHAIR: Louis Mazzari, CUNY LaGuardia Community College

“Joseph Schillinger and the Reception of Walt Disney’s Fantasia,” Jacquelyn Sholes, Boston University

“Bach Transmogrified: Baroque Rock’s Cultural Accreditation,” Sara Gulgas, University of Pittsburgh

“All You Need is Love: The Beatles and the Summer of Love,” Terry Hamblin, SUNY Delhi


PANEL 49 – CC 911-15 – Libraries, Archives, Collecting: Discovering Media Literacy @Your Library

CHAIR: Yonty Friesem, Central Connecticut State University

“Critical Media Literacy @Your Library,” Allison Butler, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“Media Smart @Your Library,” Mary Moen, University of Rhode Island

“Media Production @The School Library,” Brien Jennings, Narragansett Elementary School

“Filmmaking as Media Literacy @The Library,” Pam Steager, Providence Children’s Film Festival


NEPCA Executive Board Meeting


Location TBA



NEPCA gratefully acknowledges the conference support provided by the following units at the University of Massachusetts Amherst: the Department of Communication, the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, the College of Humanities & Fine Arts, the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Graduate School. Thanks are also due to Rob Weir, Allison Butler, Jessica Vallone, and the volunteers from the Department of Communication who helped with sundry registration activities.



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