Weather Forecast for NEPCA Conference

Here is the early forecast for this weekend: morning showers on Friday with a high of 65 and a low of 51. Saturday will be cooler: 58/38 with some showers floating around.

Advice for those visiting from outside the region: New England weather has a well-deserved reputation for being changeable, so don’t presume that this forecast is cast in stone. The best wardrobe for autumn in New England is a layered ensemble, and, as a rule, New Englanders trend toward the casual end of the scale.  New Englanders are fond of saying that you will experience several seasons in a single day. Pack a warm sweater (preferably cotton or wool, not acrylic. Synthetics have very low R-ratings for warmth. Pack a jacket: evening temps often approach freezing this time of the year. There should be plenty of foliage still around, so tuck a camera into your luggage.

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