Pedagogy Database

We are developing the new Pedagogy Database at, an academic online community where professors can share teaching pedagogy.  We are at the initial stages of building the database across multiple disciplines and course levels, and we are seeking contributions of pedagogy that you have created in your teaching career, such as:

Case Studies
Illustrative Stories and Anecdotes
Charts, Tables, and Graphs
Discussion Topics
Role-Playing Scenarios
PowerPoint Presentations

As the files are put on the database to share with other academics, please note you retain the copyright and you are credited in the documents. They are shared only with other academics and are not used for commercial gain. You can easily upload files at the website that will be evaluated and processed by the Database Editor (See “About Database” at the website).

Why upload? Because you increase the visibility of your scholarly work while pursuing your goals as an educator, you can add the contributions to your CV, and it’s a great benefit to other professors and students alike.

Go to:

J. Geoffrey Golson
Database Founder and Editor

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