Haunt Journal of Art Seeks Contributions

Haunt Journal of Art seeks to expand how writing and art are in service of one another. As such, we aim to provide a platform for ideas that open up onto unforeseen spaces by disavowing existent rhetorical strategies in order to experiment with form altogether. We thus welcome contributions that strive to playfully efface the putative differences that tend to distinguish artists from writers. That said, for our third volume of the journal, we are interested in submissions that explore the kind of knowing that cannot be arrived at through written means, and conversely, how thinking textually informs how one undertakes the production of art.

The production of art cannot be thought of as merely the invention of objects that serve as adjuncts to text, nor is making even engaged with the same “kind” of inquiry as writing. Rather, making constantly disrupts and complicates our habits of perception in order to probe a world that does not owe anything to our conceptual frameworks. In order to address these questions and advance our vision – a space for speculative art writing practices – we invite writing that helps us continue to make.

Contact Info: Andrew McNeely, Editor in Chief, Haunt Journal of Art, hauntjournal@uci.edu

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