CFP: Fictions of African Dictatorship

Call for papers for an edited collection: Fictions of African Dictatorship ed. by Charlotte Baker and Hannah Grayson.

This book is a new contribution to a growing body of work on dictatorship and its representation. The collection will examine the fictional representation of the African dictator across genres, as well as the dictator’s presentation of his own image in official literature. The editors are particularly interested in proposals that address the following, although this list is not intended to be restrictive:

  • Fictionalised representations/critiques of African dictators
  • The figure of the dictator in oral literature
  • Fiction as a space for presenting alternative versions of reality
  • The interrogation of performances of dictatorship in novels/poetry/theatre
  • Fiction and myth-making
  • Aesthetic strategies for revealing truths in fiction

We are keen to invite proposals from colleagues working on African language literatures as well as African literature written in European languages.

We invite potential authors to submit a chapter abstract of 250 words, including a title, 4 to 6 keywords, and a brief bio, by email to both Charlotte Baker and Hannah Grayson by Monday 4 April 2016.

Contact Info: Dr Charlotte Baker, Lancaster University, UK:

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