Crossin Border, Queer Studies

June 17 – 23 in Oslo, Norway
At Pride House:
Deadline for paper proposals: 20 march 2016
The International Society for Cultural History and Cultural Studies (CHiCS) invites researchers and students to submit paper proposals to a multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and multi-cultural Queer Studies Seminar that will take place in Oslo as part of the annual Pride Festival in 2016. This  ten-day long festival sets human rights and lhbtiq (etc…) issues on the agenda through art, culture, politics and academia.

The Queer Studies Seminar that will take place during this festival, aims at presenting ongoing research and exploring recent developments in theory and method in Queer studies as well as the broad themes of sexual diversities through time and space, gender constructions, sex-gender subjectivities, and sexual identity constructions from a wide and diverse range of perspectives.

The seminar has this year a very broad, interdisciplinary scope and papers addressing virtually all cultural, social and artistic expressions from a wide range of perspectives will be considered. Wide and diverse interpretations of the conference theme ranging from the predictable to the surprising are encouraged.

The program will be organized in thematic sessions:  Of particular interest are contributions that explore Queerness and Border crossing from a wide range of different perspectives as well as representations and social constructions of sexual diversities through time and space.

Papers are welcomed on virtually all related topics and themes, independently of time, period and geographical focus. Also papers of comparative phenomena will be considered.

Interdisciplinary perspectives are especially appreciated since all these topics in themselves stretch across several disciplines: history, cultural studies, literary studies, linguistics, psychology, political sciences, pedagogy, ethnology, anthropology, sociology…

300-word abstracts should be submitted to the organising committee in English or Nordic Languages. The languages for presentation will be English and Norwegian.

Papers should be of approximately 20 – 30 minutes duration (circa 8 – 10 pages). Other forms of presentation, for instance workshops, panel debates and poster sessions will be considered on request. Typically, a panel of academic papers includes 3 (maximum 4) speakers and 1 moderator (session chair). Each session will last for 2 hours allowing for 30 minutes for each speaker and a further 30 minutes for questions and discussion.

Academic coordinators:
Lars Ivar Owesen Lein Borge, University of Oslo; Agustin Villalpando Sanchez, UNAM

Contact Info: Lars Ivar Owesen-Lein Borge liowlb@gmaii,com

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