PCAACA Deadlines

This is a friendly reminder of three deadlines which are fast approaching regarding the PCA/ACA 2016 conference in Seattle.

1. Travel Grants, December 8 — If you haven’t yet applied for a travel grant, the deadline to do so is December 8.  Check out http://pcaaca.org/grants for more information.

2. The Award Nomination Deadline approaches, December 14.
This is the final call for nominations for the Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association awards for the 2016 conference in Seattle, Washington.
The deadline for nominations is December 14, 2015 and that is a firm deadline.
Information about the criteria for nominations for each award may be found at our website: http://pcaaca.org/literary-and-film-awards/
Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with questions or contact updates.
Roger C. Adams
Vice President for Awards
3. The Registration Deadline to guarantee your spot in the program isDecember 15.Note: If you have already registered, you can ignore this message. Participants who fail to register by December 15 will be dropped from the program.

Head on over and sign up!     https://www.regonline.com/PCAACA2016

Questions about registration should be directed to Brendan Riley,operations@pcaaca.org

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