Wobblies Project Seeks Contributors

We are writing to ask you to consider contributing to a volume on the global history of the Industrial Workers of the World tentatively titled WOBBLIES OF THE WORLD: TOWARDS A GLOBAL HISTORY OF THE IWW. We envision this as an effort to consolidate new understandings of the contributions and organizing by the IWW across national borders. We envision a number of themes running through the book organized into different “scales of analysis.”

First, the focus of the book is on the global nature of the IWW so all the chapters will pay attention to the ways that the IWW arrived in and/or spread to new locations. This can include individual mobility and organizational solidarity. We also want to consider how transnational individuals and ideas influenced the IWW in the USA. Second, some essays will explore a particular industry in which the IWW was especially important including shipping, mining, and agriculture. These essays will illuminate Wobbly methods of organizing, forms of expression, ideals, practices, and transnational issues. Third, authors should give some attention to how individuals were introduced to, embraced, and then became advocates for the IWW. For example, how did a particular person learn about the IWW, become an adherent of its principles, and become an activist?

We welcome individual biographies and that take local, industry-wide, national or transnational perspectives.

We kindly ask you to declare your interest by submitting a 250-word abstract by 20 November 2015.  If we are interested in you submitting to the book, you will be notified by 1 January 2016, looking toward the submission of 6,000 to 8,000 word prospective drafts (including notes) by 1 July 2016.


Peter Cole
Western Illinois University

David Struthers

Kenyon Zimmer
University of Texas at Arlington

Peter Cole, Ph.D.
Professor of History
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL 61455 USA
(309) 298-3691


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