In Time for the World Series!

Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective ( is pleased to announce its most recent article:   “Top Ten Origins: The World Series:” by Russell Field

It’s October, time for that great American pageant: The World Series. The championship series of “America’s pastime” has been played annually since 1903 (with two exceptions in 1904 and 1994). Debates over which are the “greatest” of these series make for delightful (if heated) conversation and are best conducted over beer. Here, Origins offers ten World Series contests over the decades that are landmark moments in baseball’s evolution as a commercial enterprise and its adaptation to the significant social and cultural changes of modern America.

Origins publishes regularly on the history of sport.   Please read these recent articles and essays, and interested authors should contact Origins a with ideas for articles.

The Politics of International Sport, a podcast with Russell Field, Marc Horger, and Steven Conn.

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The Soccer World Goes to South Africa: Sport and the Making of Modern Africa by Russell Field

Playing Politics: Olympic Controversies Past and Present  by Alfred Senn

Children at Play: An American History by Christine LaHue

Wagging the Dog by Marc Horger


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