H-Sport seeks New editor

Jörn Eiben, who has served as an H-Sport Editor for two years, will be stepping down at the end of 2015. The H-Sport Advisory Board and Editorial Team thank Jörn for his dedicated service to H-Sport.

With Jörn’s departure, H-Sport seeks to expand its team of volunteers to serve as editors for the network.

What does being an H-Sport Editor entail?

Service Time Demand:  When “on-duty” a list editor performs a few brief daily visits (often less than 5 minutes) moderating discussion posts for circulation and completing a couple of other simple administrative tasks.

We rotate the “on-duty” status; editors typically are “on” for two-weeks, and then “off” for six-weeks. The H-Sport Editor Team easily accommodates the demands of individual schedules and professional obligations.

For more details on networks and editing click here.

Nomination and Training Process:  List editors agree to serve a two-year renewable term, must be nominated by the H-Sport Advisory Board, certified by the H-Net Council, and trained to use the H-Net commons. (It’s a lot less scary than it sounds.)

Qualifications: at least two years of graduate school, a graduate degree, or equivalent in professional experience in the sport humanities, broadly defined.  Publications and teaching experience are a plus. General facility with email, browsers and office software is helpful.

Interested? Please send an email expessing your interest, along with your c.v., to editorial-sport@mail.h-net.msu.edu

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