PCAACA Cultural Encyclopedia and Blog

H-PCAACA is also calling for contributions to a new cultural encyclopedia project. Share your expertise with others on topics as diverse as Doctor Who, K-Pop, anime, and memes as well as concepts behind cultural studies. While beginning as a blog, once we achieve critical mass a new page on HPCAACA will be created for the entries. Encyclopedia blog entries are also optimally in the 500 to 1000 word range, as the blog is meant to be a primer for new audiences. Three links to further reading is highly recommended!

H-PCAACA’s new blog can become a useful resource for scholars and students but it can only do so with your help! While HPCAACA welcomes one time contributions, we also wish to recruit bloggers willing to work on this and other projects. The goal is to produce content that is pertinent and valuable for scholars while remaining accessible to interested members of the general public.

Want to know more? Direct all inquires and questions to our email at editorial-pcaaca@mail.h-net.msu.edu

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