Call for Chapter Proposals:

“You’re Not Cool Just Because You Teach with Comics”:  Studies on the Integration of Popular Culture in Teaching and Learning About Education


A group of high school history teachers attended the 2015 meeting of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association.  After each of the first two days, they were enthused and excited to meet a group of like-minded people.  However, after one session, one of the teachers walked up looking dejected.  When asked what was wrong, he fumbled for words for a moment or two, then finally said “Just because you teach using comic books does NOT make you a cool teacher!  And it DEFINITELY doesn’t mean you know what to do with those comics.”

The purpose of this edited volume is to address that frustration.  It is intended to serve as a place for teachers and scholars to begin seeking ways in which popular culture has been tapped for research and teaching purposes in effective means around the country.  The book will be divided into two parts:

  • Part I will allow teachers and scholars who perform research using popular culture to provide a discussion on any methodological issue or other related topic;
  • Part II will allow teachers and scholars who have great success teaching via popular culture to discuss the pedagogy/andragogy they tap.
  • ll enquiries should be directed to:

    Dr. Edward Janak, Chair

    Educational Foundations and Leadership

    Judith Herb College of Education

    University of Toledo

    5000-C Gillham Hall, Mail Stop 921

    2801 West Bancroft Street

    Toledo, OH  43606-3390


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