CFP: Existentialism and Hip Hop: A Book of Essays

This new series will serve as supplemental text for undergraduate and graduate students that have a cultural interest in, critique of, or affinity to hip hop from a philosophical perspective.  Professors across disciplines in the humanities and arts will ultimately find this book to seamlessly accompany their primary textbooks. Your essay should have a conversational tone that is heavy on argument and analysis. Your ability to create, support and sustain your position will be fundamental the final acceptance of publication.  Further, you may be a master-teacher who is interested in existentialist themes and hip hop as cultural form. If so, there is certainly room for a pedagogical approaches essay for this volume.  Project expects 12-15 contributors with submissions between 7000- 10,000 words.

Your essays should relate in some way to the following 3 sections: PEDAGOGY; ONTOLOGY /  AUTHENTICITY / IDENTITY; FREEDOM   

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