St. Germain and Mitchell Prize Winners

NEPCA is proud to announce the winners for the Best Graduate Student Papers from its October 2014 conference held in Providence, Rhode Island.

Each year NEPCA wards two prizes for graduate student excellence. The awards  of named  for our esteemed NEPCA colleagues Amos St. Germain (WIT) and Carol Mitchell (Springfield College). The prizes come with a cash award and certificate of achievement.

The 2014 winner of the Amos St. Germain Prize is: Jana Andrews for the paper  “Identifying Frankenstein’s Creature in Nature.”

The 2014 winner of Carol Mitchell Prize is: Amelie Daigle for “The Translation of an Imagined Community in Raja Rao’s KANTHAPURA.”

A check is on the way to both winers. NEPCA would also like to thank the award committee:

Carol Mitchell (Springfield College); Lisa Silvestri (Gonzaga University); Robert Hackey (Providence College); Andi McClananahan (East Stroudsburg State University); Bruce Cohen (Worcester State University); Amos S. Germain, Chair (Wentworth Institute of Technology)


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