Special Call for NEPCA Papers on Rhode Island

What Is Rhode Island?


CALL FOR PAPERS: “What is Rhode Island?” The Northeast Popular/American Culture Association (NEPCA) seeks papers that explore the nature, character, and perceptions of modern-day Rhode Island. Papers will be delivered at its annual meeting at Providence College October 24-25, 2014.

Rhode Island is, by area, the smallest state in the United States, though one with a very long official name and history. It was one of the original 13 colonies that became the United States, but one that was marked as different from its 12 peers. It was the first to declare independence from Britain, yet the last to ratify the Constitution. Ironically, contemporary Americans–even New Englanders–often overlook the Ocean State. What is the modern character of Rhode Island? How is it distinctive from other parts of the region and the country at large? What better place to explore these questions than at a NEPCA Conference held in Providence?

NEPCA seeks papers that address aspects of Rhode Island culture and life. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):


  • Foodways
  • Festivals and celebrations peculiar to Rhode Island
  • Representations of the state in film, literature, song, etc.
  • Manifestations of the state’s history in contemporary culture
  • The ethnic character of Rhode Island
  • Rhode Island folk speech
  • Sports in Rhode Island
  • Gilded Age Rhode Island
  • Summer people vs. year-round residents
  • Marketing Rhode Island


Send proposals to both Robert Weir weir.r@comcast.net and Robert Hackey rhackey@providence.edu by June 1, 2014. Please consult https://nepca.wordpress.com/fall-conference/how-to-submit-a-proposal/ for details on proposals.





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