Call for Digital Culture Essays

The Projector: A Journal on Film, Media, and Culture is seeking submissions for a special issue on digital culture. It is interested in essays that critically explore digital texts, the digital distribution and consumption of media, and various forms of online communication and cultural practices.

Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Convergence Culture
  • Remix Culture
  • Web 2.0, new forms of media texts, and new forms of media consumption
  • YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services as distribution venues for independent and experimental cinema
  • Web series as an evolution of or alternative to television broadcasting
  • Netflix, Hulu, and as producers of media content
  • Online film and television fandom
  • The use of social networking sites for the marketing of films and TV shows
  • Dual screen media consumption
  • Live Tweets as a part of TV broadcasts
  • Fan-produced texts
  • Internet fan communities and/or fandom practices

Essays should be approximately 25 pages and follow MLA guidelines for formatting and citation.  The deadline for submission is June 30, 2014. Submissions should be emailed to and as Word or Open Office files.


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