Springsteen Journal Seeks Contributors

BOSS: The Biannual Online-Journal of Springsteen Studies is an open access academic journal that publishes peer-reviewed essays pertaining to Bruce Springsteen. The first edition of BOSS will be published in June, 2014 and the editors are currently soliciting papers for the second edition. BOSS provides a scholarly space for Springsteen Studies in the contemporary academy by publishing articles that examine the political, economic, and socio-cultural factors that have influenced Springsteen’s music and shaped its reception. The editors of BOSS welcome broad interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches to Springsteen’s songwriting, performance, and fan community, as well as studies that conform to specific disciplinary perspectives. Please submit articles between 15 and 25 pages that conform to The Chicago Manual of Style to Springsteenstudies@gmail.com by June 9th, 2014. Authors will be notified of acceptance by September, 2014 and the second issue of BOSS will be published in January, 2015.

Contact: Please address all queries to Jonathan D. Cohen (Managing Editor) at Springsteenstudies@gmail.com or visit BOSS’s website: http://boss.mcgill.ca/.

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