Online Religion/Popular Culture Journal Seeks Writers

Nomos Journal (NJ) is an online journal engaging the intersection between religion and popular culture. NJ considers brief academic articles (1500-3000 words) that explore this intersection, but is unique in that it also accepts submissions of poetry, artwork, photography, and reflective essays. The journal maintains the understanding that some of the best explorations of these cultural dimensions take place outside of a more traditional academic approach.

NJ is also currently seeking additional staff writers to contribute quarterly posts (750-1250 words) to a unique column of their own. The journal is open to ideas for a column that would explore a particular area of religion (broadly defined) and popular culture. Examples include, but are certainly not limited to: religion and film; religion and popular literature/comics; religion and celebrities/[idol]atry; religion and television; religion and popular festivals; religion and online social networking; religion/atheism in the media, etc. Experience is preferred, though not required; writing samples and a CV will be requested, regardless. Please visit the address listed below for more information.

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