The Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Grant

The purpose of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Grant is to encourage the study of Wisconsin’s role in American military history by facilitating the use of the museum’s collections. Recipients will be scholars at the graduate, postgraduate, or instructor/professor level; or be other professional scholars or authors; or have comparable qualifications based on experience. They will be writing theses, dissertations, articles for scholarly peer reviewed journals, or books on significant subjects that are well supported in the WVM collections. The grant will be provided in the form of a $500 honorarium to support research expenses at the WVM (travel, lodging, meals, copying).

A committee reviews each application based on the applicant’s research topic, the availability of relevant materials in the WVM collections, and the potential for producing publishable work. The grant does not support research at other institutions, and it does not provide general tuition support. Applications must be postmarked by May 1, 2014. Notification will be made by June 1.

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