Journal of American Studies of Turkey Seeks Articles

THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN STUDIES OF TURKEY, a biannual journal established in 1995, publishes cutting-edge articles in various aspects of American and comparative studies.  Recent issues can be accessed on the website by logging in using the user name L_Raw, password 12345, then going to Jast/Issues.

The Journal publishes full-length articles (5000-7000 words), as well as shorter “think-pieces” focusing on various aspects of American Studies, and how “America” is represented in various cultural products. The JAST is currently seeking “think-pieces” focusing in particular on why films focusing on similar subject-matter such as THE BUTLER and 12 YEARS A SLAVE have been released at this particular period in time, how they have been received in different parts of the world, and whether the films themselves have something to tell us about the ways in which issues of “race” in American history are perceived at this particular point in time.  We’d also be interested in pieces that contrast such representations with films of similar subject-matter such as MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM.  These films are only offered as examples.  In keeping with the Journal’s cross-cultural remit, we’d be particularly interested in pieces that discuss the ways in which such films were consumed in different territories – either through reviews or through online reactions.

Such pieces would ideally be of 1500-3000 words in length.  Please email me if you have any questions.  Deadline would be 30 April 2014. For details see:

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