Cuteness Studies CFP

The Asian Journal of Popular Culture seeks papers for a special issue on “cuteness.” Cuteness has a global reach: it is an affective response; an aesthetic category; a performative act of self-expression; and an
immensely popular form of consumption. Possible topics for papers include the following (Note: a specific focus on the geographical region of East Asia is not required of submissions):

Cute Cultures of East Asia
Cute Commodities and Consumers of Cute: Structure vs. Agency
Cuteness and Gender
The Science of Cute
Cute Histories
Practitioners of Cute
Cuteness and Race
Queering Cute
Cuteness and Disability
The Cuteness of Animals/Zoomorphic Cute
The Dark Side of Cute (the grotesque, violence, pedophilia, etc.)
Digital Cute (social media, memes, etc.)

The deadline for submissions to this special issue of EAJPC is: 15 April,

Please submit papers to:

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