Do You Have a New Book?

Anyone attending the fall NEPCA conference who wishes to promote a recent book is welcome to do so. Check the NEPCA policies tab for all details, but the gist is this:

1. You can distribute fliers at your will. Many people make copies of a flier and stack them on a display table in the registration lobby.

2. You can bring examination copies, but NEPCA can’t guarantee they won’t “walk off,” so exercise caution.

3. You can sell copies of your book, but NEPCA isn’t allowed to do this for you. We are a non-profit organization and are not allowed to act as a third-party vendor.

4. If you’d like your book to be reviewed, contact Rob Weir:


That said, don’t be bashful! In academia, if you don’t blow your own horn, it won’t get played!

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