Important Notice for NEPCA Members

NEPCA News, our hard copy newsletter, will soon be on its way to your address, if you are a member. Please note several things:

1. If you registered for the NEPCA conference, you are automatically a NEPCA member, but…

2. If you registered after August 31, you did not make it into the data base in time tom be added to the mailing list. You can pick up a copy of NEPCA News at the conference.

3. If you renewed your dues after August 31, your newsletter may arrive with a designation that indicates your membership is expired. Rest assured, we update the data base as soon as registrations and membership arrives. If you have renewed since 8/31/13 you can ignore the expiration notice on the newsletter. If you want to make certain we have received your registration, go to the conference schedule on this Website. If there is an asterisk by your name (*), your membership has been updated.

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