Women of James Bond Collection Seeks Contributors

A book titled The Women of James Bond Critical Perspectives on Feminism and Femininity in the Bond Franchise will the role that women have historically played in the Bond franchise.  This collection will be the first book-length academic study of the women of James Bond that moves beyond the discussion of a single character type (such as the Bond Girl) or group of films (such as the Connery era), and will provide a comprehensive examination of feminism and femininity in the Bond franchise. It will focus on multiple issues, including: the representation of women on screen (via casting, characterization, and aspects of stardom), the role women have played in producing and marketing the franchise, female fandom and spectatorship, female scholarship on the franchise, and the widespread influence of the Bond series on the representation of female characters in other (non-Bond) films.

Those interested in contributing should contact editor Lisa Funnell, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma: lfunnell@ou.edu

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